Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring is Truly Here

 After flirting with a record low for the date just last week, I think it's safe to sat Spring has arrived. 

The peas are blooming and have set pods.  I have green tomatoes on the vine, the potatoes and carrots are flourishing. 

At present, I have ten tomato varieties planted, (San Marzano, Mr. Stripey, Early Girl, Yellow Pear, Brandywine, Florida 91, Super Sweet 100, Juliet, Heat Master, and Celebrity) five summer squash varieties (Black Beauty Zucchini, Flying Saucer, Fordhook, Benning's Green Tint, and Early Golden Crookneck), two kinds of peas ,( Little Marvel, and Sugar Snap),  two kinds of green bean, (Santa Anna, Nikki  and six kinds of pepper, (with more to come very soon).  Yesterday I planted okra (Emerald) and Sweet Corn (Early Sunglow ).

I have yet to plant the Good Mother Stollard beans, the Scarlett Runner beans, the cucumbers, the watermelon and the Golden Hubbard Squash.

A few updated pictures.  Yes - the fence still hasn't been done.  The weather really turned shitty for much of March. 

Looking West out of the back door.  The newly planted (3-30-13) okra bed is in the foreground, to the left is the newly planted sweet corn. 

 The tomatoes are doing nicely, loaded with green tomatoes.  Notice the small head of butter lettuce in the foreground.

 The potatoes are filling up their containers.  I need to top them off with more soil again.
 These tomatoes were planted about a month after the other ones.  The smaller ones were started from seed.
 The Little Marvel sweet peas.
 It's been a little cool for the pepper plants to really take off, but they will.
 Same thing for the pole beans, they will really surge when it warms back up.  This has been an unusually cool Spring following an exceptionally warm Winter.  Weird weather.  Sugar snap peas in the back on the pole.

 Closer look at the pole beans, peas, and nasturtiums.
Santa Anna Pole Beans
Benning's Green tint Squash

Where I will plant the Good mother Stallard Beans

Loquats ready to eat
Looking out the back door, North East