Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another Right Wing Pervert!!

Anybody ever heard of Daniel Thompson?

He's the owner of Clean Flix, the Utah-based company that edited DVD's to take out "objectionable" material, thus rendering them family friendly.

He has been arrested for having sex with raping two 14 year old girls.

The money quote from the article:

booking documents state Thompson told the 14-year-olds that his film sanitizing business was a cover for a pornography studio." Police found a "large quantity" of porno movies inside the business, "along with a keg of beer, painkillers and two cameras hooked up to a television.

It's been a while since our last right-winger sex scandal. I guess now that the Holidays are over, it will be back to business.

Edwards is Out

Well, there goes my guy.

It's not like I didn't see it coming, but it is still very disheartening. Edwards was the only candidate consistently polling above McCain.

So Clinton or Obama?

Both have severe flaws as far as I'm concerned.

For the first time, I can really see the Republicans pulling this one out.

The MSM just loves them some McCain.

God I could use a drink.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Cough. Wheeze, Ugh. . . I'm Still Alive

The flu has taken our house hostage for about a week.

I used to be a healthy person.

I've been sick more in the last year than in the last 15.

Oh well, I'm back at work after missing two days in a row for the first time in recent memory.

I've got some catching up to do, but I'll try to check in.

What did you guys do this weekend?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So I guess I should read this, Huh?

h/t to Gourmet Goddess for this little quiz.

I've never read this book, but I guess I will.

You're The Guns of August!

by Barbara Tuchman

Though you're interested in war, what you really want to know is what
causes war. You're out to expose imperialism, militarism, and nationalism for what they
really are. Nevertheless, you're always living in the past and have a hard time dealing
with what's going on today. You're also far more focused on Europe than anywhere else in
the world. A fitting motto for you might be "Guns do kill, but so can

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What A Waste *** UPDATE

Yet another talented young actor is gone.

Heath Ledger was found dead today in New York.

Please, please, please people, moderation. He was only 28 and tremendously talented.

God I hate this.


I thought I'd add this beautiful quote from the father of his Ex-Fiancee' (and Mother of his daughter) Michelle Williams:
"I think Tennyson got it right in the poem when he described someone as having died at a young age but burning the candles at both ends, and oh what a beautiful flame he made, that was Heath, what a beautiful flame he made and a great talent."

"My heart goes out to everyone in his family and my family."

"The saddest thing is his daughter whom he just loved dearly."

And The Nominee's Are . . .

Academy Awards Nominations are in. My comment to follow when I get time.

What have you seen?

Thoughts, predictions, hopes?

1. Best Picture: "Atonement," "Juno," "Michael Clayton," "No Country for Old Men," "There Will Be Blood."

2. Actor: George Clooney, "Michael Clayton"; Daniel Day-Lewis, "There Will Be Blood"; Johnny Depp, "Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street"; Tommy Lee Jones, "In the Valley of Elah"; Viggo Mortensen, "Eastern Promises."

3. Actress: Cate Blanchett, "Elizabeth: The Golden Age"; Julie Christie, "Away From Her"; Marion Cotillard, "La Vie en Rose"; Laura Linney, "The Savages"; Ellen Page, "Juno."

4. Supporting Actor: Casey Affleck, "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"; Javier Bardem, "No Country for Old Men"; Hal Holbrook, "Into the Wild"; Philip Seymour Hoffman, "Charlie Wilson's War"; Tom Wilkinson, "Michael Clayton."

5. Supporting Actress: Cate Blanchett, "I'm Not There"; Ruby Dee, "American Gangster"; Saoirse Ronan, "Atonement"; Amy Ryan, "Gone Baby Gone"; Tilda Swinton, "Michael Clayton."

6. Director: Julian Schnabel, "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"; Jason Reitman, "Juno"; Tony Gilroy, "Michael Clayton"; Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, "No Country for Old Men"; Paul Thomas Anderson, "There Will Be Blood."

7. Foreign Film: "Beaufort," Israel; "The Counterfeiters," Austria; "Katyn," Poland; "Mongol," Kazakhstan; "12," Russia.

8. Adapted Screenplay: Christopher Hampton, "Atonement"; Sarah Polley, "Away from Her"; Ronald Harwood, "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"; Joel Coen & Ethan Coen, "No Country for Old Men"; Paul Thomas Anderson, "There Will Be Blood."

9. Original Screenplay: Diablo Cody, "Juno"; Nancy Oliver, "Lars and the Real Girl"; Tony Gilroy, "Michael Clayton"; Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava and Jim Capobianco, "Ratatouille"; Tamara Jenkins, "The Savages."

10. Animated Feature Film: "Persepolis"; "Ratatouille"; "Surf's Up."

11. Art Direction: "American Gangster," "Atonement," "The Golden Compass," "Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street," "There Will Be Blood."

12. Cinematography: "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford," "Atonement," "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly," "No Country for Old Men," "There Will Be Blood."

13. Sound Mixing: "The Bourne Ultimatum," "No Country for Old Men," "Ratatouille," "3:10 to Yuma," "Transformers."

14. Sound Editing: "The Bourne Ultimatum," "No Country for Old Men," "Ratatouille," "There Will Be Blood," "Transformers."

15. Original Score: "Atonement," Dario Marianelli; "The Kite Runner," Alberto Iglesias; "Michael Clayton," James Newton Howard; "Ratatouille," Michael Giacchino; "3:10 to Yuma," Marco Beltrami.

16. Original Song: "Falling Slowly" from "Once," Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova; "Happy Working Song" from "Enchanted," Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz; "Raise It Up" from "August Rush," Nominees to be determined; "So Close" from "Enchanted," Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz; "That's How You Know" from "Enchanted," Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz.

17. Costume: "Across the Universe," "Atonement," "Elizabeth: The Golden Age," "La Vie en Rose," "Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street."

18. Documentary Feature: "No End in Sight," "Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience," "Sicko," "Taxi to the Dark Side," "War/Dance."

19. Documentary (short subject): "Freeheld," "La Corona (The Crown)," "Salim Baba," "Sari's Mother."

20. Film Editing: "The Bourne Ultimatum," "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly," "Into the Wild," "No Country for Old Men," "There Will Be Blood."

21. Makeup: "La Vie en Rose," "Norbit," "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End."

22. Animated Short Film: "I Met the Walrus," "Madame Tutli-Putli," "Meme Les Pigeons Vont au Paradis (Even Pigeons Go to Heaven)," "My Love (Moya Lyubov)," "Peter & the Wolf."

23. Live Action Short Film: "At Night," "Il Supplente (The Substitute)," "Le Mozart des Pickpockets (The Mozart of Pickpockets)," "Tanghi Argentini," "The Tonto Woman."

24. Visual Effects: "The Golden Compass," "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," "Transformers."

Fat Grlz Rule !!!

Our own, Kate Harding, Of Shapely Prose, in the New York Times !!

Rock on Kate!!

Go read it everyone!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Less Than A Year!!!!!

I've moved the "Bush Countdown" meter to the top today to celebrate the fact that it is finally under one year!!!!!!!


File This Under . . If The Democrats Had Done This . . .

I'll be the first to admit that body image shouldn't matter in politics.

That being said, Dean Hrbacek, the Republican candidate in Tom DeLay's old district has sent out a campaign mailer with his head attached to a slimmer body than his own.

Ok, now if the Democrat had done that, what would be the uproar?

If Hillary did that?

Oh for fuck's sake what a field day the press would have with that.

And of course the candidate himself knew nothing about it!!! Of course not!!! Why would the candidate from the party which trumps personal responsibility actually feel the need to take any?

A lie is a lie is a lie, and it is Mother's milk to a Republican.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Food Porn . . . . .

Being a proper Foodie, how have I never heard of this film?

Have any of you ever seen Tampopo? Here are two clips from this film.

I must see it.

h/t to Jaden

Thursday, January 17, 2008

One Of My Favorite Places

This post was inspired by one over at Shimoda's Dreams.

The Ponemah Bog, Amherst, New Hampshire

I Have A New Love . . . .

From the Same Record Label that brings us Lucinda Williams (and Lyle Lovett's new label as well) . . .

Shelby Lynne . . . . .

Amazing voice. Add this to my CD's and DVD's don't count as materialism so I want it list.

Attention: Racism Isn't Funny

Douchebag of the day winner:

William R. Farr
Although party affiliation is never mentioned, I don't imagine this guy is a card carrying Democrat. No, this guy is the Republican base. I know. I am surrounded by his type daily. I work with this guy. I grew up around this guy.

At a Citizen of the West banquet in Colorado, the following occurred.

William R. Farr was pretending to read telegrams congratulating this year's award recipient, University of Colorado President Hank Brown, when he pulled out a piece of paper and said, "I have a telegram from the White House."

Then he added, "They're going to have to change the name of that building if Obama's elected."

Total douche.

What does it say about this guy that he thought this was ok? This wasn't an off the cuff comment. He had prepared remarks. He actually thought this would play for this crowd. That tells me that it does play in his circle of friends. If he had made that remark on his back porch it would have been well received. I'm even willing to bet that some of the crowd at the Adam's Mark that night would have laughed if they weren't in public.

Racism is never funny.

Funny Things I See On The Tubes . . .

While randomly searching foodie sites, I found this joke on the site A Fridge Full Of Food.

My fellow foodies will, I hope find this funny.

While attending a marriage seminar on communication, Wally and his wife Carolyn listened to the instructor declare, "It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other." He addressed the men, "Can you describe your wife's favorite flower?"

Wally leaned over, touched Carolyn's arm gently and whispered, "King Arthur White Whole Wheat, isn't it?"

That man has his priorities right.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend . . . .

After more than 12 years of bringing passion, energy, and youth back to Broadway, Boheimia is dead. After it's June 1 evening performance RENT will close. It will close as the 7th longest running show in Broadway history. It was truly it's generation's HAIR. (And a much better show, at that.)

Along the way, it won the Tony and the Pulitzer Prize. It launched the career's of Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel.

I discovered RENT in the fall of 1996. I didn't actually see it for the first time until the next spring, but by then I had memorized every single word of the score. In the years since, I have seen it on stage 7 times. I wish it was 107. For those of you who's only frame of reference to the show is the film. . . . I'm sorry for you.

This show has such an emotional power. It just can't really be described. But I'll try.

In about 1999 or so, I saw it in Austin. It was part of the Broadway Across America series. I had really good seats, orchestra, pretty close to front center. I was sitting directly behind two well dressed, older (than me) couple's. I would guess mid 50's or so. It was apparent from their conversation that the two men hadn't seen each other since the last show in the series. As the wives happily chatted about this and that, one of the men asked the other (in a good old boy drawl), "What's this one about"? His friend answered, "Hell I heard it's about queers and AIDS and blacks and whites kissing each other". Good Old Boy replied, "If it is, I'm walking out of here".


I thought to myself, "Well, this should be interesting".

As the show commenced and I sat there mouthing the words, rapt in my own bliss, a funny thing happened. The two in front of me became very obviously engrossed in the show. When Angel died, I noticed Good Old Boy make a little swipe at his eyes, real quick like, as if he just "had something in it". When the show was over, there he was, on his feet standing and applauding as long and as loud as everyone else.

Bless you Jonathan Larson, and goodbye old friend.

La Vie Boheme!

It's Good! It's Really Good!

Ok Fanboys and Fangirls, there's a new reason to watch TV on Monday night.

I watched the pilot Sunday night and loved it. We had a basketball game Monday, so we DVR'd episode one, . We watched it last night. Excellent once again. I can see at least three or four long term story arcs already setting up. While a pilot and one episode don't a series make, I am very excited about the potential of this series.

If you want to catch up with what has happened so far, you can watch complete episode's here.

Anyone else out there see it?



Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tag, I'm it. - My Cultural Life

I've been tagged by Konagod

1. What am I reading at the moment?

I'm looking for something to read!! Actually, I'm in the middle of 1776 , by David McCullough. I need to make a run to the bookstore, but that is a trip out of town. I hope to read soon:

The Border Trilogy by Cormac McCarthy
Atonement by Ian McEwan (So I can go see the film)
His Dark Materials Trilogy by Phillip Pullman (So I can make sense of the very blah film I saw in December.)

2. What Am I Listening To At The Moment?

In the car, mostly one of the two NPR stations on Sirius. I particularly look for The Bryant Park Project. As for music, I'm on a "Bitter Chicks" kick. Lucinda, Amy mostly. A little Edie, Diana, Natalie, and Joss thrown in for good measure. I know they aren't all bitter, but when I'm listening to the ladies, I tend to listen to them all together.

3. What Am I Watching At The Moment?

The Complete Season 2 of Saturday Night Live, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the new season of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. And of course, the NFL playoffs.

In keeping with the theme, I give you this. Best cover ever? Probably not, but it's right up there. It takes a great song and re-imagines it in a delicious way. This is my favorite song by her.


I tag Phydeaux, Red Queen, and Robin

Friday, January 11, 2008

God I Love The Onion!!!

Totally Fucking Brilliant

Hounding Huckabee

This ad is currently running in South Carolina:

Huckabee, of course said she, the mother of the victim "was duped".

Lois Davidson responded with this statement:
    • "Last night, Mike Huckabee accused me of being exploited and used for political purposes. I assure you, Mr. Huckabee, I am not being exploited. I am fully aware of the actions I have taken in attempting to inform the public of your role in my daughter's rape and murder. I have spent over 7 years thinking about this.
    • "I am not a dupe. But you, Governor Huckabee, were duped time and again by convicted felons who once released from prison by you began hurting people again.
    • "Mr. Huckabee, I am not a victim. However, my daughter was a victim. She was raped and murdered by a serial rapist that you wanted freed from prison. Please be honest about the role you played in releasing my daughter's killer."

    Ahh, the chickens always come home to roost.

    For The Red Queen . . .

    Red Queen my dear, I know things are tough right know, but maybe this will make you smile and remind you of happy childhood days.

    Hang in there.

    Thursday, January 10, 2008

    Happy Birthday (and R.I.P.) to the 45 RPM

    Ok, some of my younger readers may not have ever seen one, but as a kid, I loved records.

    Yes, records, vinyl, LP's, whatever terminology one wants to use.

    What brings this up?

    On this day in 1949, the 45 RPM was introduced.

    How different would many a teenage life have been without the 45? They were cheap, they carried a hit on one side, and an occasional gem on the other. (Quick - what was the "B" side to Wipe Out?***)

    They were a staple in my household. My parents had them, my older sister had them, and I, dear friends, was a record whore!

    I remember the first one I ever purchased myself. 1971, Sunshine by Jonathan Edwards. I had to play it when my parents weren't around because it had a "bad word" in it. ( Of course, a few years later when I had my KISS phase, they actually had the preacher come and talk to me and pray over me because everybody knew KISS stood for Kings In Satan's Service, but that's another post.)

    Vinyl albums, (LP's) became my obsession around the 7th grade, but before then it was all about the 45's.

    So what are your 45 memories? Have a favorite "B" side? (Mine is Hey Hey What Can I Do? - "B" side of Immigrant Song.)

    Enjoy this blast from Brave Sir Robin's Childhood:

    *** Surfer Joe

    Wednesday, January 9, 2008

    The Big Picture . .

    Lest we forget, in all of the Primary hysteria, that winning in November is what really matters . . . .

    The totals :

    Hillary Clinton: 110,550

    Barack Obama: 102,883

    John McCain: 86,802

    Mitt Romney: 73,806

    John Edwards: 47,803

    Mike Huckabee: 26,035

    Rudy Giuliani: 20,054

    Ron Paul: 17,831

    Bill Richardson: 12,987

    Dennis Kucinich: 3,845

    Thompson: 2,808

    Mike Gravel: 397

    Democrats: 278,465

    Republicans: 227,336

    So, when does Thompson drop out? He not only finished behind Paul, but Kucinich as well.

    I Think I Might Live . . . .

    Whew, I finally feel better today. I spent most of the weekend either in bed or on the sofa.

    So, what did I miss?

    Oh yeah, I guess Hillary's campaign isn't dead after all.

    As I predicted.

    That being said about 1% of America has voted. White America at that. I've been to New Hampshire many times. I have friends there. I might even move there some day after the kids are gone. Let me tell you this. It is the whitest place I have ever been.

    I wish we could set up a reasonable and fair system where everybody gets a chance to vote.

    I like the idea of regional primary days, with say, South East, Central, North East, South West, and North West blocks. They could rotate each election cycle with each area getting a chance to vote first. Put 2 weeks between each primary. Start the first one the last week of February, and it will be wrapped up by the end of May.

    What do you think?

    Friday, January 4, 2008

    Iowa Is Still A Small, White State

    Brave Sir Robin has been sick for a few days now.

    Head and chest cold with body aches and fever.

    Unfortunately, the world doesn't shut down because I don't feel well. I have still been going to work, running kids to practice, etc.....

    So, a quick run down . . . detail to follow when I feel better . . .

    The Holidays were a mixed bag. New Year's Eve I struggled a lot, but I was surrounded by people who care about me. . . . .

    We went to the Texas Bowl on Dec. 28. It was awesome. . . . .


    Why, oh why, oh why is the media acting like the race is all but over? It's all smoke and mirrors.

    Actual delegate count as of this morning?

    Clinton: 175
    Obama: 75
    Edwards: 46

    This is still Clinton's race to lose.

    Josh has a nice piece on why Iowa matters so much. I agree with his logic, but I still think it's all media driven.

    Hey, U.S.A. voters, . . . quit being sheep!

    Happy 2008!!!!!!