Saturday, December 30, 2006

And So it Begins

Am I starting yet another Blog to clog the tubes of The Googles? Well, yeah, I guess so. I’ve been lurking other Blogs for so long, I decided to take the plunge. The New Year is only 26 ½ hours away, so it seemed a fitting way to embark upon 2007.

The transition to a new year has always been a somewhat melancholy affair for me, even as a youngster. Being a “glass half empty” type, I tend to look upon it as opportunities missed, other than a clean slate. This year, the time of transition is especially morose. I ended a relationship of 11 ½ months on Dec. 18th. This was the woman I had hoped, nay, expected to marry. I am still desperately in love with her, and I think – she with me, but in the end, she wasn’t willing to share me with my children. I am a single Dad, dealing with the day to day struggles of raising teens and pre-teens without a partner. Raising children, even as a couple, is a 24-7 proposition. She wasn’t willing to share, so I find myself alone again, but surprisingly not bitter. It was a wonderful year, 2006, and maybe, if you’ll share it with me, 2007 will be wonderful in its own way.

This will not be a “confessional” Blog. I expect it will be mostly political. I will most likely include lots of links to other progressive sites, as I have always been rather good at recognizing an excellent idea, rather than originating one. I’m sure I’ll add an amusing personal anecdote from time to time, and who knows where my random thoughts will lead?

So welcome to my Blog. I ‘m working without a net (editor, proof-reader, etc...) so be patient, and please be encouraging. Notice, I didn’t say be kind. Be yourself, and feel free to blast me when I am wrong. I am not a writer, though I desperately wish I were.

Happy New Year!


litbrit said...

Yes you bloody well are a writer--you've just written!

Congratulations and welcome to the Intertubes. Too many people turn their cowardly asses and flee, but I have a feeling you'll stick around when danger raises its ugly head.

How's that for some New Year's Eve Pythonizing? Speaking of New Year's Eve, I think there's a Rule Number One somewhere that says nobody can be caught not drinking, so I'd better get started...

Cheers to you and Yours,

(P.S. The more you write, the more quickly and easily you'll write; obvious as that sounds, it bears repeating, even to myself at times.)

Brave Sir Robin said...


I hope to make it an important part of my 2007.

Thanks for the encouragement.

And I WILL be having a drink or two ......

Shakespeare's Sister said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!