Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm Still Here

Well, barely.

It comes in waves. I will never understand how it is that I am intelligent enough to see it (depression) for what it is, yet I am powerless to just will it away.

The kids are back, or it would be worse. I have to cook the food and clean the clothes and do the dishes. It forces me to move. My tendency would be to come home from work and curl up in the fetal position until the next day.

At least the sun came out yesterday.

I will give you more detail soon.

oh, and BTW - Attention all foodies. You must go see Ratatouille.



The Red Queen said...

The Kid got to see Ratatoullie (sp) without me. :(

I am thinking happy thoughts for you. It will get better, it always does. I figure I was made prone to depressive bouts so that the Powers That Be could teach me patience while I wait for the black cloud to clear. I think it may be working, stupid PTB's.

Glad the kids are back. Hug them lots, even if they think it's uncool. And be kind to yourself.

celticfeminist said...


Wish I had more to say than that.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Thanks guys.
I'm much, much better today than yesterday, and that was better than the day before.


Anne said...

More hugs!! Hug the kids, hug/pet the cat, treat yourself to some yummy food. Make time for some exercise, even if it's just taking the dog for a brisk walk. Hang in there!

I've not yet seen Ratatouille, but it's on my to-see list this weekend (as is HP5). It looks adorable.

Brave Sir Robin said...

It (Ratatouille) was terrific.

We saw HP5 last night. Very good. It obviously was trimmed a great bit from the 900+ page novel, but I thought the screen play was tight, and the acting was great.

I loved it.