Friday, November 21, 2008

Not A Rookie, But Way Cool . . . .

Are you familiar with the blog Style Rookie?

It is allegedly written by a 12 year old named Tavi.

She is tragically hip, precociously clever, and pretty damn funny actually.

My guess is, she is not 12 and the site is someone's creative outlet.

I hope she is a 12 year old writing a blog like that. If so, she'll probably grow up to be as good as Bee.

You should go and check it out.

It's OK, I'll wait, tell me what you think.


ouyangdan said...

That is a really good deal. I bought that box set almost three years ago at almost twice that price, and it was still a discount price (which was still cheaper than buying the four seasons I didn't yet own).

The box set is really cool, if you are into cool box sets to look at and ogle. It's all blood splattered and such.

Do it!
Peer Pressure!

ouyangdan said...

Oops! I don't know how this got on this post, this is so obvs supposed to be on the other post! I will repost!

Bee said...

There was an article called "20 blogs for girls" in the Sunday Telegraph a couple of weeks ago -- and they included this blog. I think it's interesting that she has achieved "blog fame" so quickly.

Thanks for the shout-out! I assume you are giving me a writing credit 'cause I don't know nuthin' about fashion. (Is it just me, or her outfits really ugly?)

Brave Sir Robin said...

You're asking me about fashion?

(I had to look up H&M to see what it was!)


It was a writing compliment.

I think it's cool that she can make up her own outfits like that. Maybe she is a fan of Pretty In Pink?

Bee said...

Pretty in Pink? The fact that I know exactly what you mean says so much about our ages: 12 plus 30!

She looks kind of like Raggedy Ann to me. I thought that it was funny when she said that her Norwegian mother likes to keep the house "heated" to 44F!

Brave Sir Robin said...

"heated" to 44F!

Sounds like mine in the summer, our house was always an iceberg.

Petra said...


If this is indeed a girl of 12, then she is immensely creative.

Even though one sees that the creativity is not yet channeled into any direction, there is a lot of real understanding about fashion at work, for the time being hidden behind a child's joy for "creating" something (and a child's inability to create something with real style yet).

Again, if this girl is really only 12 - amazing.

If this is an adult using a child as camouflage - blah... there is not promise for the future.