Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Almost Over

Our long National nightmare is about to come to an end.

It's yet to be seen if the Republic will survive the devastation of the Bush years, but millions of Americans and millions more worldwide are hopeful.

That hope is personified in one man.

Thank you Mr. Obama, for accepting this burden.


Anne said...

Minutes away. Let's rebuild the country.

Brave Sir Robin said...

12:01 - George Bush is no longer President!!!!!!!!!!


Brave Sir Robin said...

I'm watching live, and OMG - I have tears.

Did you watch his girls? Oh how wonderful!!

Bee said...

BSR - You made a really good point, that I rarely see made: it IS going to be a massive BURDEN. It's at times like this when I really wish that I were religious so that I could ask God to bless him and keep him safe.

On a similar note, I found the two prayers very moving . . . but Sigmund said that was just because they were hymns to unity -- which feels right for the moment.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Anne - That was pretty much his speech, wasn't it?

Bee - With tremendous power comes tremendous responsibility. I can't imagine wanting the job. (But I'm awfully glad he did.)

Petra said...

I was moved by the speech. But even more importantly - I believe that things will change.

Not rapidly - the mess is too big, too filthy, too grave - but I believe that promises will be kept.

And that is something I have not felt for years now.

A new feeling; I still try to get used to it.

tzshrink said...

woo hoo. i'm dvr'ing it at home. will watch the "block party" tonight. saw the whole celeb on the mall sunday on hbo. it made me cry over and over at the devastation we've suffered. the imprisonment i've felt began to abate and low and behold, this jewish, lesbian felt like a citizen again. he said the words "neither gay nor straight" we are all americans. FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, THANK GOD I'M FREE AT LAST! not so amazing given the holiday on monday! Thank you mister lincoln, and thank you mister obama.

I... amongst others are at your service. call on us. we are here. we are this nations servants and we serve voluntarily and with pride.

lead the way mr. president. ok, i'm done crying till tonight! (the hope he engenders when he just sits there with his family, no rhythm at all bopping his head not in time w/the music makes me grateful, hopeful and free)

ok now i'm really done.

Another Michael said...

Finally!! Our Theocracy of Dunces has come to an end.

"Out, Demons, Out!"

pidomon said...

yes it will be a burden and it will be hard but at least we have someone who is able to put 2 sentences together

Lisa said...

How nice to have a President who understands that to lead doesn't necessarily mean to command.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

This will be an interesting 4 or 8 years to come. I hope the congress and the senate rally behind him and make this country great again. Now onto the prosecution of war crimes against Bush.

Nice to see you post. Have a great rest of the week and weekend.

Audrey said...

I've tagged you. Come see.