Monday, February 2, 2009

Can Brave Sir Robin Come Out And Play?

I've been tagged!!!!

Audrey, the lovely proprietress of Multitude has tagged me with the "4th" meme.

Here are the rules:

Got to the file that holds your pictures, go to the fourth folder and pick the fourth picture and display and write about it.

My home computer crashed last week, and I haven't received a call from the repair shop as to it's health. The photo folders on my work computer are not nearly as extensive as on my home computer, but I do have some.

Here goes:

This is a picture of the USS Constitution. It was taken in the Spring of 2000. I was still married at the time and I took my wife to Boston for the weekend to celebrate her birthday.

The story of how it came to be on my work computer is far more exciting than the picture itself.

I have been and out of my attic several times over the last few weeks, as I have been working on a bit of remodeling/redecorating at the castle. My attic is a pain to get in and out of, so I don't usually go there. While up there looking at wiring options for a light fixture, I found a box of old photos that I didn't know was up there. They included many picture of the children growing up. These are a particular treasure to me because I lost most of my photos in the divorce.

This photo was on a CD that was in the box. I was on my lunch break when I found it, so I brought it to work to see what was on it. Photos from our weekend in Boston, Spring of 2000.

As always, consider yourself tagged!


Bee said...

The best thing about this photo (other than memories of dear Boston, of course) is that it represents something "found" that you thought had been lost.

I hope you can post a favorite poem today, too. Participation all around!

Bitty said...


What makes this a great meme is that there really is a story behind every picture, isn't there?

Lisa said...

How cool that you found those pictures. I love it when I come across something like that!

And it's a great photo.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Being the pirate that I am, I am a sucker for tall ships. Nice photo. Just learned of a pirate festival over on the coast this summer. Looks like it might be fun, tall ships and all.

Have a great Tuesday.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

This is a fun meme. I haven't had a chance to do this yet, but I intend to later this week!

Hope your home computer pulls through. And double fingers crossed that you have a recent back up?

Brave Sir Robin said...

Bee - You are so right!! I was thrilled beyonf belief to find the pictures of the kids. . . . the EX . . . not so much.

Bitty - Yes, there really is a story . . let's just say my enthusiasm over visiting the ship wasn't shared my a certain other person and leave it at that.

Lisa - you should play along!!

SD2 - Arggh!!! I'll have to post you a picture of the Elissa, if my computer hard drive can be saved.

JAPRA - Err, no - I didn't have a back up. I was shopping for external hard drives just a week before it crashed. I have years of photos on that hard drive.

Anonymous said...

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