Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Love This Lady!

Today is the 74th birthday of one of my favorite comedienne/actresses, Carol Burnett.

I loved her show as a kid. We watched it every week, and then again for years in syndication. Do you have a favorite Carol Burnett Show memory? I loved her take off on Sunset Boulevard and Gone With the Wind, but Mrs. Wiggins may have been my favorite. That show had such a cast!

She is also an accomplished stage actress. She was the original Winifred in Once upon a Mattress way back in 1959. I love that show. I played King Sextimus back in college. If you don't know the show it is a take off on the Princess and the Pea story.

She was also the original Charlotte Hayes in Ken Ludwig’s Moon over Buffalo. I directed this show back in 1998, and it is still one of my all time favorites. If you've never seen it - SHAME ON YOU! You owe it to yourself to find a production and go see it! I will warn you, it is a bit racy, so don't bother with a high school production because the Drama Police will make them cut out all the good parts. I promise, you will laugh hard and often.

She is talented, tough and classy.

Happy birthday Carol!!!


Tom Hilton said...

The GWTW spoof with the curtain rod costume is the first thing I thought of. Hilarious stuff...and lots of memories of my childhood there.

Camera Obscura said...

I requested and received the DVD of Putting It Together for my birthday. It's in the player right now, waiting for my daughter to give me back the telly so I can finish it.

I wish to heaven they'd release a CD with that cast...

Brave Sir Robin said...

I requested and received the DVD of Putting It Together for my birthday. Can you believe I've never seen that?