Saturday, June 21, 2008

Is This a Good Thing?

Hmm . . .

I don't know how I should feel about this.

My all time favorite film in the entire world is being made into a musical.

If you've been reading this page for any length of time, you know my favorite film is A Fish Called Wanda.

On the one hand, I hate it when a classic is given an update or remade. AFCW is not just a classic, it is a perfect comedy film. The plot, the various subplots, the acting, the characters; All perfect.

On the other hand, It sure worked for Spamalot and The Producers, and I love musicals.

But how do you ever replace Kevin Kliene as Otto?

Discuss please.

h/t to Petulant


Anne said...

How do you ever replace Kevin Kline as ANYTHING?

konagod said...

I'm not sure why but I've had a block with both A Fish Called Wanda and Brazil.

Both were brilliant films but they never hit me on the required gut level initially. I need to give them another shot.

But I agree with you on the remake thing. Let's stop that shit now.

pidomon said...

if it was a movie i'd be on target with you

but i saw the brilliance that was Spamalot and am already hearing Wandas song in my head.

It will be good.

Robin said...

Brokeback Mountain,, the opera, is being written, too. I am not clear why.

Any proposed moments in Wanda that could be turned into songs? Definitely I think John Cleese's speech from the barrel near the end could be one, as could Kevin Kline's fish 'n' chips exchange with Michael Palin's character.

I'm not sure of this, yet.

Labrys said...

Otto canNOT be replaced! What heresy....oh, feeling faint just trying to think of anyone else in the role.

Bee said...

What have you got to lose, really?

It could be great; and if it's not, you still have the movie to cherish.

BTW, Kevin Kline can sing and dance -- so why couldn't he reprise his role on Broadway?

seventh sister said...

I don't think it is possible to replace any of the cast. Who would have the ovaries to take on the Jaime Leigh Curtis part or who could replace John Clease or Michael Palin? If you like musicals, I can see how you would find someone singng the names of the foods in French or Russian funny.

Petra said...

Oh no! Hands off AFCW - it is perfection & any tinkering with it can only be a disappointment.

KC said...

Some movies should never be re-made as musicals. (I saw one last week, so I know whereof I speak.)

sexy said...
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