Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's happening around here . . . ..

Sorry to keep you dangling all this time – between trips to Houston and trying to keep the house and the boys in order and on schedule, I’m spread a little thin.

Scottie is showing limited improvement. He is showing (very) small amounts of responsiveness. He is still on antibiotics for secondary infections. He is breathing on his own (through the trache), with only a little added oxygen to give him a boost.

My biggest fear is that he will stay exactly as he is – alive, probably conscious of his situation and his surrounding, but unable to interact with them. That makes any pending decisions impossibly difficult, as if they weren’t already. His neurologist says he is not progressing as rapidly as she would expect to see at this stage. That being said, it’s wonderful to see those bright blue eyes of his open, even if it is for only a couple of minutes at a time.

On the home front –

Homecoming is this week, and we are all engrossed in Mums and plans for the event.


OK – I know, it’s a big deal to the boys, but it just seems frivolous to me right now.

In order to run this Blog like the McBush campaign, I will now hope to distract you from the lack of substance here by providing a bit of fluff. Here are a few pictures from our evacuation weekend.

Brave Sir Robin needs to quit wearing the same shirt every time someone snaps his picture.

This is where we had lunch Saturday, The Gristmill River Restaurant, in Gruene.

Yes, beer is served by the bucket.

Inside Gruene Hall, (the oldest dance hall in Texas), Dylan won a bet by finding Leon Russel on the wall.

I met this lovely young lady, a local, in the hall as well.

I hope to visit you all soon, I'm trying.


Comrade Kevin said...

Take as long as you need, Sir Robin.

ouyangdan said...

In order to run this Blog like the McBush campaign, I will now hope to distract you from the lack of substance here by providing a bit of fluff.

:lol: (Also, my laptop is now wearing a little of my granola...thanks)

And yes, take as long as you need.

You have plenty of friends if you need them.

Good to hear Scottie is making some, if not much progress.


kkryno said...

Be encouraged by Scottie's progerss
and talk to him as much as possible
about everything. He'd probably like to hear about homecoming, and buckets o' beer. Stimulating his brain might heal faster. Can't hurt, though you probably talk to him already. Anyway, thanks for letting us know how you and your family are doing. Know that we are all thinking about you, and take care. Hugs all around.

Anonymous said...

I love that shirt.

I'll keep a good thought for Scottie.

Bee said...

I really hope that some more time will bring clarity to Scottie's situation. I'm sure you will make the right decision -- should a decision need to be made.

So, were all of those beers yours?

pidomon said...

continued well wishes to your brother

and you may want to practice evacuation again just to see that local bar patron again!

all my support and well wishes to you and your family

yeomanpip said...

I agree with kkryno, talking to him means a lot, hopefully he will tell you that one day.

All the best.

seventh sister said...

I love Gruene Hall. Haven't been down there in a while. I hope you brother is better soon and that you are geeting resettled after the Ike mess.