Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Voted Today!!!!

Early voting is open in Texas, and I voted today.

It didn't take very long, I only had to make one mark.


ouyangdan said...


I am waiting for my reg. card, b/c I had to re register here in Hawaii. I don't really have to worry too much, Hawaii is a blue state, and O-boy has home court advantage here...I like the odds.

Yay! Voting!

Bee said...

Well, that's two of us now.

Robin said...

Congrats! I plan to vote Thursday, as I still need to look into some of our local candidates and make some decisions.

(Three, Bee--Jen in Costa Rica already voted.)

Comrade Kevin said...


I voted absentee a few days ago and more or less voted a straight Democratic ticket. What I always do is write in a name of someone I know if a Republican is running unopposed.

If my father ends up as Circuit Judge, Place 3, by some mistake, he'll have me to blame.

pidomon said...

really? D?

we are trying to get early voting here in MD and I hope we get it soon

The Cunning Runt said...

I live in a little town where they call me by name and hand me a paper ballot and a stubby little pencil and I color it in, in a little toy "voting booth" which looks more like a bread box with no lid.

I'd be sorry to miss that by voting early!

Casey said...

W00t and huzzah!

I'm heading to the polling place before lunch.

kkryno said...

Another voice heard! :0)

Batocchio said...

You're allowed to vote for Democrats in Texas? ;-)

Bitty said...

Give me a D!


Give me another D!


Give me another D!


What does that spell?

"Wakingupfromthefreakingnightmareofthepast8years," of course!

seventh sister said...

I voted today. No use in waiting until later and having to stand in line. The early voting was in a grocery store and it was busy but I did not have to wait.

Anne said...

Yay! I've heard some stories of voting issues in Texas, like having to check an extra box even when you think you've voted straight party ticket... I hope you didn't have any problems!

Kate said...

Bless you, Dear Sir.
If Barack is not elected Nov. 4 I am moving out of the country.
I'm (mildly) serious about this.
Mildly only because there are children to consider ... oh, and my teaching contract.
For certain should the vote be sullied somehow (think Bush/Florida) I will be calling out of work Nov. 5 for a day of bereavment.

insanemommy said...

That was awesome! I voted too... Big "D" too!!