Thursday, March 29, 2007

You Take the Good With the Bad ...

Boy- today was the shit.

When I say the shit, I mean it feels like I was wading through it up to my temples all day long.

Today was one of those days where everything I saw, heard, tasted, or smelled reminded me of her. I was sorely, sorely, sorely tempted to call her this evening. Instead, I worked on clearing out my herb garden.

A word about the herb garden; Last year, spring came very, very early. By mid march, my herb garden was spectacular. That is about the time things became very, very intense with her. She became more important than the herb garden. It suffered. (As I would later.)

I began pulling weeds, clearing up dead stalk, etc… and I noticed a couple of things. A once thriving herb garden had succumbed to a year of Rene’. What can I say? She was demanding of my time and I was more than glad to give it to her. She was much nicer to embrace than a rosemary bush. I also noticed that with the exception of a small golden thyme bush and a scraggly pepper plant, my mint was taking over the entire garden.

Well dear reader, when faced with the choice of going inside and calling her, or facing the reality of my botanical dilemma – I took the high ground!!

Spring mint and Maker’s Mark combine for an excellent mint julep.


celticfeminist said...

Just lately coming to your blog (from Shakespeare's Sister, btw), I don't feel I can really comment on your situation other than to say I'm sorry you're going through the pain of an ending and new beginning. I wish you strength and comfort as you transition.

On the other hand, starting an herb garden is something I've been playing around with wanting to do for awhile. I think I'd likely have to have an indoor one, though, as there isn't really any place outdoors I could put one. At least no place that wouldn't get peed on by dogs or eaten by the neighborhood feral cats that live part-time in my front yard. Is it possible to have a small, indoor planting of various herbs? Any suggestions? (If this is inappropriate or off the wall to ask, I apologize!)

Brave Sir Robin said...

No, it isn't inappropriate at all!

The deal with the relationship is a long, long story. I blog about it, so I can release my pent up emotions without venting to my friends. (My friends who have been telling me she is poison for months, and don't want to hear about it.) I appreciate the kind words. She has issues, but I loved her anyway.

Yes, to your other question. Herbs do wonderfully indoors. I have friends in New Hampshire, and they have a window garden in the kitchen that does great year round.

Basil is the easiest for sure. Marjoram, oregano, and thyme will all grow indoors. Chives are ok, but they want to go to seed pretty quick.

Rosemary is not an indoor plant, no matter what some sites might tell you.

They will all need lots of sun.

Here is a page from HGTV about indoor herb gardens:,1785,HGTV_3595_1385856,00.html

Here is another:

This page is pretty good also:

Let me know how it goes! When I get mine back in shape, I will post pictures.

I really appreciate your kindness.

Anne said...

Good for you for choosing the garden. I know how it is to miss someone who was bad for you, and I know how it is to let something important to you go for someone you love (in my case, it was an early morning workout schedule that had been making me very happy).

I don't know the specifics of your relationship, but I do know that it WILL get better. Have faith (if not confidence) in that. Tending your garden is a marvelous thing to do to help that eventuality along. Gardens are so rewarding, and watching something come back to life and thrive can, I find, be very helpful when you feel like you could use a bit of TLC yourself.

Camera Obscura said...

Some people are like mint -- they take over your lives like mint takes over your garden (and your whole yard if you're not careful.)

Both require hard boundries.