Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jenny, Jenny Who Can I Turn To?

Either I’ve become incredibly soft-hearted in my old age, or senility has started setting in and I’ve parted ways with all my good sense, but either way…we have a new family member. Her name, after three days of debate is Jenny. (I wanted Buffy)

First of all, I have never been a “dog person”. I love cats, and while I don’t hate dogs, I am somewhat ambivalent to their charms.

Cats don’t pee on the carpet.

Cats don’t keep you up all night barking.

Cats don’t require daily attention when I go out of town.

Cats (mostly) clean themselves.

The kids are ecstatic of course. Whether they are still excited after a couple of months of house breaking remains to be seen.

I must confess to a bit of selfish motive. I having been fighting the burning desire to call her up and reconcile. She hates dogs, and this is sort of insurance against my own weakness, a line in the sand, if you will.

Anyway, welcome to the family Jenny.


Anne said...

Oh my goodness, she is adorable.

Cats do keep you up, not barking, but jumping on the bed and pouncing on various parts of your body while you sleep (unless you exile them). Cats also wake you up meowing, even if you've exiled them, when they think it's time for you to get up.

Okay, again: Jenny is way, way cute.

Shakespeare's Sister said...

Awww, Jenny! Tres cute!

Brave Sir Robin said...


And yes, Cappuccino (my cat) often plays attack the feet in the middle of the night.

celticfeminist said...

Awwww. Jenny is ADORABLE! Dogs are fantastic companions. They are perfect foils to cats, which is probably why I have 2 dogs and 2 cats in my family. Both make great pets and both definitely fill in different parts of my life.

And? Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the Buffy link. I don't know how I have never come across that one before. *wild squee and rushes off to get Buffy fix*

Brave Sir Robin said...

Thanks celticfeminist - I just found that Buffy link, the one I always went to is nothing but ads and crap these days, so I found that one this morning!

Scroll down to the bottom, it has a plethora of good links!!