Saturday, December 6, 2008

About Last Night . . .

Last Night, I went to a tree lighting event, and Winter Fair. It was nice, because it was one of those rare alignments of event and weather that don't often happen here. We had one of our coldest nights of the year, and it made the atmosphere perfect for a Christmas festival.

I'm afraid the pictures are in need of a lot of work before they are presentable, but I'll share a few.


Bee said...

We won't dwell on the fact that South Texas "Winter" is an oxymoron of sorts. I'm glad you got a nice cold puff of air for your Winter Fair!

Brave Sir Robin said...

Bee -
Notice what the two girls are skating on?

There was fake snow set up in a few places, and the "ice rink" was rather small, but the cold weather made it seem somewhat Christmasy.

Oy - We'll take what we can get.

pidomon said...

nice pics
and it was a nice day in Brenham on Saturday

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Thank you for all the great tips. I have just a regular digital camera. The lighting and staging on that link is what I need. Maybe this weekend I can set something like that up and take some better photos.

It's very Christmasy up here. The high today is only going to be 34 degrees. The snow is holding off and that's great because I hate driving in it. But I am sure it will before the 25th. Always does and then like last year it doesn't go away til spring.

Have a great week.

Brave Sir Robin said...

There are much cheaper lights than Jaden uses. The idea of using a reflecting board is a good one.