Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The One Where I Need To Relax

Brave Sir Robin is a little tense.

Just a tad.

My life has been a dime store novel (though, not a particularly compelling one) for pretty much forever it seems.

That, it appears, is changing!

The events of the past few days have made it clear that my life is indeed now a Christmas movie. Not a beloved one, that you can't wait to see every year because it doesn't feel like Christmas without it. Not one that TBS will run marathons of, and families will gather around the TV in Christmas Eve pajamas to watch, holiday libations in hand.

No, Brave Sir Robin is living one of those Christmas movies that plays on the other channels. The ones with "C" list stars from the 80's. The ones that play on channels opposite football games.

you know the plot -

Stressed out, type "A" person plans the perfect Christmas, works like the devil to make everyone's Christmas wish come true, only to see it turn into disaster after disaster through no fault of their own, and then wrap up neatly with a "that's what Christmas is really about" ending?

I hate those movies.

I will, however take the cheesy happy ending if I can get it.

I'm trying to schedule a carpenter, (no, not that one), an electrician, furniture delivery, and the cable (satellite) guys.

Everything depends on the cable guys.

Guess who didn't show up as scheduled yesterday?

Still, as problems go it's a better one to have than what most of the last year delivered.

I just need to relax.

I think Cappuccino has the answer. Doesn't he look sweet? Don't be fooled. He's playing nice the last two weeks before Christmas. He's hoping for some catnip in his stocking. Or a small child, I'm not sure which.

Oh - I did manage to make cookies Friday.

Recipe to follow.

Happy Holidays from my castle to yours.


ouyangdan said...

1) That chair is beautiful and I may have to run over and steal it b/f my packers come to ship my stuff to Korea...even though the places there are fully furnished (quite nicely, I may add).

2) Those look almost like Pecan Sandies, which were my dad's favorite cookies (admittedly I can't see them very well and it is 0630 right now). I hated them, think they taste a little like celery (as I do butter pecan ice cream, his favorite ice cream), but it always makes me think of him.

3) (And this is the most important)

*hugs* I hope you are hanging in there!

Brave Sir Robin said...


I just got that chair last week!

The cookies are actually fruitcake cookies. (recipe coming)

Nothing at all like Pecan Sandies. Although, I love Pecan Sandies.

Are you ready to leave for Korea?

ouyangdan said...

I don't feel like we are ready.

We have the first round of packers coming on Monday. They are only taking things going to Korea (clothes, books, movies, kitchen things, bedding, the TV, games, Kid's toys, etc). We have to set aside everything we are taking w/ us on leave so it doesn't get packed, like my laptop, the clothes we are going to keep wearing here and on leave, and then keep all of that separate from the stuff to be packed up by the second set of movers which are coming later, taking everything else to non-temp storage! Confused yet? Me too!

I am ready for Korea. I am not ready to leave Hawai'i. I am also not ready to live out of a suitcase in the winter for a month. XP

Brave Sir Robin said...

I am also not ready to live out of a suitcase in the winter for a month.

Or even have a winter? Do you guys have winter clothes?

Anonymous said...

Wow - that corner with the cat and the hip chair is so perfect, it looks like a stock photo! Very nice, BSR.

Your post made me laugh. It reminded me of a friend who would, on long car drives, play this question game with me.

(1) If you life fight now had a theme song, what would it be?
(2) If your family was on a sitcom, what would it be called?
(3) If you were portrayed in a movie, who would play you?

and on and on.

I guess a B Christmas movie is better than a horror movie, right?

Brave Sir Robin said...

Dcup - You say such nice things!

I am very happy about my chair, I wish the sunlight had been better that day. The pictures look so much better without the flash.

I guess a B Christmas movie is better than a horror movie, right?

My point exactly.

Jennifer said...

I would totally take B Christmas movie.

If all of this is leading up to eggnog and [the secular equivalent of] God Bless Us Every One...that would. not. suck.

And it's possible that it is.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Jenn - Here's to not eggnog and not sucking.

(Unless you're into that, and then, by all means!)

pidomon said...

Happy Holidays right back at ya BSR

Nothing wrong with a B movie. Hoping to get to that level myself someday lol

ouyangdan said...

I am rather fond of Silk's Nog...

Or even have a winter? Do you guys have winter clothes?

No. We don't. I think I have been in denial for a bit. I have jeans. I am pretty sure we all now own closed toed shoes (I just bought The Kid a pair of Pink Chucks b/c she broke her Crocs).

Oy w/ the poodles already...I just realized how not prepared I am...

Petra said...

Cappuccino's (that's the cat's name, yes?) coat is the most amazing color. How nice that apparently you color-coordinated at least this room around that perfect shade of silky feline fur.

Purrfect. :-)

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Robin - Relax, put your feet up, put some nice Christmas music on and treat yourself to a peppermint mocha. It always works around here when I get frazzeled.

But I am totally excited about my Cricut that's coming. I want to make vinyl stickers for car windows. You know the ones you see all the time. I have a source of free vinyl from my dad-in law's sign shop! Free too. Makes it even better. I will let you know how it goes.

Now where did I put my mocha....

Hey! I definitely want that cookie recipe! I would love to make those for Yule.

Bee said...

I'm laughing at Ouyangdan's comment, because that's the first thing that came to my mind, too! I covet that chair! And your carpet coordinates nicely with your cat.

The cookies look great; I'm really sorry that the other plans for Xmas are going pear-shaped.

Funny post. At least you can still laugh, right?

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Great photos--your cat and cookies are very photogenic!!

I was looking at those cookies and thinking "fruitcake"? I made those ages ago and lost the recipe. Looking forward to trying yours.

Hope you find some downtime soon. It's sunny here today. I think I'll take my dog and camera (with the 50) out for a walk.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Petra & Bee -

Well, I always say - When selecting a cat, color coordination is key. I mean, if he's going to be an asshole, (he never forgave me for that neutering incident), he might as well match the furniture, right?

JAPRA - I'm going to post on the cookies today. I wasn't thrilled with the cookie shots. I'm still learning my way around the "50". The pic of Cappuccino is with the 50, btw.

SD2 - I'll be looking forward to pictures and post about your new machine.

Pido - If you ever make it into that bad Christmas movie, I'll be your wingman.

Ouyangdan - I guess you'll have to buy some when you get there?