Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This Is A Bailout I Can Get Behind!

It seems the family farms that produce the most heavenly, delectable, irreplaceable item on this earth are in financial trouble.

Of course, I'm talking about Parmigiano , of course, what did you think I was talking about?

Who knew?

The Italian Government has purchased 100,000 wheels of cheese in an effort to prop up the failing industry.

Damn. They could send me a wheel.

Have you priced the real stuff lately?

I can no longer buy it here locally, but I bought some in Houston Saturday.


But, the trip wasn't a total loss. I went to the downtown Spec's. (My annual Christmas pilgrimage), and look what I found!

Yes, Moxie!

The nectar of the Gods. They only had two left. I bought them both. I drank one that night, and I'm saving the last one for . . . . I don't know. A day I really need it.


GourmetGoddess said...

Reminds me of the good ole days of the 80s. The US Gov bought all sorts of agriculture surplus from farmers and then gave it to us poor folks. I practically grew up on government commodities of cheese, rice, peanut butter, non-fat dry milk, and canned pork!

Somehow I think the nice Parma cheese is soooo much better than the "cheese" we got in the 10 pound block.

Bee said...

I do not see how it is possible that the parmigiano industry is in trouble. It is actually not that expensive in the UK - and available even at crappy grocery stores.

Happy Days on the Moxie score! Cute retro can, too.

Brave Sir Robin said...

GG - I have a feeling there will a lot of people who will be glad to have "goverment cheese" this coming year.

Bee - I paid almost 10 dollars for a chunk about the size of a deck of cards.

The Moxie was a wonderful find, but now that I know they have it, I'll be going there more and spending $$$$$. Have you been to the downtown Spec's? I also picked up some Spanish Chorizo that I can't buy in PL, along with some booze.

Boxer rebel said...

I adore Moxie and didn't think you could find it anywhere outside of New England. My grandparents lived in NE and every time we went up there we would get some Moxie. I have not had it in forever and now I really want to try and find some here since you found it in TX.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Boxer - I just stumbled upon it! I have bought it once before at World Market, but it disappeared years ago. I used to stock up when I went to New England, but now I'm not sure if you can bring it on a plane. I hadn't had one in a couple of years.

pidomon said...

damn gourmet goddess beat me to the 80's joke

KCB said...

With the way my kids eat Italian hard cheeses, we could bail out the Parmigiano industry all by ourselves. In fact, like Bee I'm surprised they're having trouble. I mean, the stuff is required for life.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to learn it's not just my kids who can eat the Italian hard cheeses in hunks.

And what's Moxie!?!?!

Off to The Google.

Bee said...

10 dollars a chunk! What???

A couple of your highly devalued pounds will buy you a the same chunk over here.

And yes, Sigmund used to LOVE to do a downtown Spec's run. Buying the liquor was (and is) the only part of the pre-party ritual that he actually enjoyed (ie, participated in).