Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Suck

I am officially an imbecile. I am part of the great unthinking, unwashed masses. I am what's wrong with America.

Not only did I watch an entire episode of American Idol, I actually voted.

FSM, just shoot me.

Ok, in my defense, it was Andrew Lloyd Webber night. I get a pass for that, right?

For what it’s worth – my ranking last night.

1. Carly Smithson -- "Jesus Christ Superstar" (Hmm Judas as a female?? I'd buy a ticket to see her sing that role)

2. Syesha Mercado -- "One Rock & Roll Too Many" from Starlight Express (The dress alone was worth second place)

3. David Archuleta -- "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera. (Dude, you do know that song is sung by a girl right? Oh wait. . . yeah)

4. David Cook -- "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera (Meh - whatever)

5. Jason Castro -- "Memory" from Cats. (My cat left the room)

6. Brooke White -- "You Must Love Me" from the film adaptation of "Evita" (Seriously, the Film version ? WTF?)


Bee said...

For years I abstained from the American Idol/Pop Idol/X Factor (Simon Cowell's UK version) phenomena . . . and thought I was a worthier person.

I will just say, to watch is to become addicted. (My fall from grace occurred two years ago.)

Your comments amused me. I can really imagine your "meh."

The Red Queen said...

You only get a pass because So you think you can dance starts next month and I plan on being all sorts of stupid over Cat Deely (seriously, tall blond and gorgeous with a working class British accent- OMG I lurvvve her)

Brave Sir Robin said...

Bee - To atone, I skipped Hell's Kitchen and read Cloud Atlas

So you think you can dance starts next month
OK - if I watch that, seriously - shoot me.
:) But I'll take the pass you offered me.

GourmetGoddess said...

You should have watched Hell's Kitchen. The boys got their asses kicked in a contest of sheer strength and then served raw chicken drummies to a bunch of 8 year olds. Sadly, one of the girls spilled hot oil on her hand and actually may have to bow out (she's still there as of this week, but her hand was in a weird sorta soft cast - so who knows what will happen next time?). The hot oil thing is a total killer, man. My mom spilled hot oil on her foot once when I was little - she still has a deep scar because of it. I myself have never had this hot oil accident (thank Ceiling Cat) but I did fall on the wood stove during winter once.... hurt OMG hurt!

Brave Sir Robin said...

gg -

The boys watched it, and I have it on the DVR, but I was dying to get back into my book.

I'll watch it.

Hot oil - - Eeeeek!

I lived down the street from a little girl who had hot oil spilled on her hand, and she was pretty much permanently deformed afterwards.

Bitty said...

Somehow I've managed not to be tempted by most of these shows.

(Sheepishly) But I did watch the first season of Joe Millionaire. My son and I would get on the phone afterwards and do recaps to each other.

And I watched the first season of Dancing With the Stars. When John What's-'is-name didn't win, it was all over for me. Even though they did a totally bogus do-over.

And I've seen parts of two seasons of that designer show with Tim Gunn. (Obviously proper names escape me at the moment. When I'm brain-dead, I go blogging.)

Bitty said...

Oh -- and that's horrific about the hot oil. I spilled boiling hot soup on my hands once. No permanent scarring, but the pain, which was excruciating, lasted an entire day.

I am always ready to be sympathetic to burn victims.

maurinsky said...

I tried to watch American Idol, but I'm a singer, and watching medicore singers perform crap versions of good songs; or worse, crap versions of crap songs, is just not for me.

But ITA with the red queen. SYTYCD is outstanding, and Cat Deely is not just gorgeous, she also exudes warmth and love.

I also love Project Runway, and I've been watching Step It Up And Dance, but I'm annoyed with the latter because they don't show enough of the dancing.

I even watched America's Best Dance Crew. I'm a sucker for dancing (exception: Dancing With The Stars - I want to see great dancing, not a has-been's chance for celebrity revival)

KC said...

I was a karaoke host for 5 years (long before American Idol). It was a lot of fun to get the great and not-so-great singers up on stage. Everyone had a good time UNTIL the bar would decide to sponsor a contest. The contest always ruined the camaraderie we had established among the singers. New folks would come in for the contest only and leave as soon as the contest was over - never to be seen in the bar again. And usually one of those non-regulars would be the winner of the contest. You can pretty much bet that about 2 weeks or so after the end of the contest, our regular singers would quit showing up because they were still pissed. Then we'd get fired because no one was showing up. Contests were always the death knell. So the point of my very long story here is that I've never been able to watch AI as it reminds me of the horrible business-ruining contests at karaoke bars. :-)

SaoirseDaily2 said...

But what did you think of Hell's Kitchen? I was sorry to see Carly go. The dredlock guy or Brooke should have gone before her.

Hey, have a wonderful day.

pidomon said...

oh dear.
Please seek help

KC said...

A quick comment to let you know I finally wrote about my Absinthe experience.

konagod said...

I think you just surpassed pidomon on my short-list of twisted individuals.