Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa Is Still A Small, White State

Brave Sir Robin has been sick for a few days now.

Head and chest cold with body aches and fever.

Unfortunately, the world doesn't shut down because I don't feel well. I have still been going to work, running kids to practice, etc.....

So, a quick run down . . . detail to follow when I feel better . . .

The Holidays were a mixed bag. New Year's Eve I struggled a lot, but I was surrounded by people who care about me. . . . .

We went to the Texas Bowl on Dec. 28. It was awesome. . . . .


Why, oh why, oh why is the media acting like the race is all but over? It's all smoke and mirrors.

Actual delegate count as of this morning?

Clinton: 175
Obama: 75
Edwards: 46

This is still Clinton's race to lose.

Josh has a nice piece on why Iowa matters so much. I agree with his logic, but I still think it's all media driven.

Hey, U.S.A. voters, . . . quit being sheep!

Happy 2008!!!!!!


Anne said...

Feel better, BSR!! I, too, am sick with a raging sore throat and the kind of lethargy that allows me to sleep for 11+ hours a day. It would be glorious if I didn't feel so crummy. At least we're having awesomely stormy weather, which I very much enjoy. Take care, and get the kids to make you some tea or soup or something!

brandann said...

feel better soon! being sick sucks...there is never a sick day for a single parent! take care!

The Red Queen said...

Our time honored family recipe for chest & head colds is fresh ginger tea. Take ginger root, slice into rounds, boil the fuck out of it. Add lemon and honey to taste. Drink copious amounts. It has just enough kick to clear out the sinuses without making you all druggy.

Hope you feel better.

Anne said...

Evidence that Iowa, whether or not it should, does indeed matter:

Hope you're feeling better!

konagod said...

You feeling any better??? Crazy weather probably doesn't help.