Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Think I Might Live . . . .

Whew, I finally feel better today. I spent most of the weekend either in bed or on the sofa.

So, what did I miss?

Oh yeah, I guess Hillary's campaign isn't dead after all.

As I predicted.

That being said about 1% of America has voted. White America at that. I've been to New Hampshire many times. I have friends there. I might even move there some day after the kids are gone. Let me tell you this. It is the whitest place I have ever been.

I wish we could set up a reasonable and fair system where everybody gets a chance to vote.

I like the idea of regional primary days, with say, South East, Central, North East, South West, and North West blocks. They could rotate each election cycle with each area getting a chance to vote first. Put 2 weeks between each primary. Start the first one the last week of February, and it will be wrapped up by the end of May.

What do you think?


The Red Queen said...

I like that idea. It would mean that my february caucus vote would count for something.

And also- how about some unified regulations? WA has both a caucus (February 9th) AND a primary (August 21) but for Dems only the caucus votes count. Rethuglikans split the results between the caucus and the primary

Brave Sir Robin said...

Yes, do away with caucuses altogether.

Make them all primary.

brandann said...

bingo...i am sick of a few states making the whole country's opinion for them...even w/ my hatred of the electoral college it pisses me off...i don't care that they added south carolina or whatever to 'even it out', it doesn't 'even it out'...make every voter count if you want to increase voting, and make every state count so they stop getting skipped or bypassed all the time...
or penalized for trying to count *giving some michigan love here*

and glad you are feeling better, BSR

Anne said...

Glad you're on the mend, BSR!

Yes, do away with the caucuses and have the primaries on the same day, or at least on some sort of regulated schedule. Eesh. This is getting ridiculous.

The Red Queen said...

And while we're at it- screw you electoral college! if you want to make sure candidates pay attention to the little states, then make it a requirement for all the candidates to visit all the states. But it ain't really democracy when such small portions of the population get such a huge influence

Batocchio said...

BSR, I've been saying the same for a while now, but a lot in conversations with friends. NPR had a good piece on two proposals.

I am so sick of being told, implicitly or explicitly, both that my vote doesn't matter and that's a great thing. For goodness' sakes, all the pundits (and even a few bloggers) really need to at least acknowledge that things aren't sewn up 'til Super Tuesday.