Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Big Picture . .

Lest we forget, in all of the Primary hysteria, that winning in November is what really matters . . . .

The totals :

Hillary Clinton: 110,550

Barack Obama: 102,883

John McCain: 86,802

Mitt Romney: 73,806

John Edwards: 47,803

Mike Huckabee: 26,035

Rudy Giuliani: 20,054

Ron Paul: 17,831

Bill Richardson: 12,987

Dennis Kucinich: 3,845

Thompson: 2,808

Mike Gravel: 397

Democrats: 278,465

Republicans: 227,336

So, when does Thompson drop out? He not only finished behind Paul, but Kucinich as well.


brandann said...


Anne said...

Oy. I almost feel bad for Thompson... almost.

The Red Queen said...

I don't feel bad for Thompson even a little. I think he may even be dumber than Reagan.

I don't know if i am happy or sad that Huckabee is 3rd. I really want the craziest of the rethuglikans to win the nom, but how do you pick the craziest out of such a steaming shit pile?