Thursday, July 24, 2008

Goodbye Dolly

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Dolly missed us by a good bit yesterday. She went in well South of here, just above the Texas/Mexican border. As far as these things go, that was a much better place than just below the border, because the surge up the Rio Grande might have cause a devastating levee failure. (Sound familiar?)

It came in as a category II storm, so today we will start seeing reports of the damage it caused, which could be pretty severe in a small area.

Here - We really didn't receive all that much rain yesterday. Most of the day we were in between the major bands of rain. It started raining in earnest about 7:00 or so last night, and as I write this ( 6:30 AM) it is still raining. We were under tornado watch all day yesterday, but I didn't hear of any. All in all, we were spared, and got some much need rain in the bargain. Hell, I'd settle for a few days of heavy cloud cover to break the heat.

Thanks to all of you who showed concern.


Anonymous said...

Phew! I'm relieved for you.

Anne said...

What dcup said! Glad you and your family are okay.

Labrys said...

I have relatives in Texas and Mexico and was very concerned.
I am more concerned, however, that such a relatively low-powered storm need invoke such fear; am I wrong to think it is because the infrastructure is so failing folks it should be supporting?
So relieved to hear you and yours are well, still trying to reach friends of my own.

Brave Sir Robin said...

am I wrong to think it is because the infrastructure is so failing folks it should be supporting?

No, you are correct in that.

However, a category II Hurricane, while not as powerful as Katrina or Andrew, is nothing to be taken lightly.

I have lived through several of these over the years, and you just never know. I've seen a category II come in and do very little damage, and I've seen a tropical storm (not even a category I) devastate Houston. (Remember Allison?)

That being said, the levee situation is indefensible.

Robin said...

Glad you're well. I was watching the news yesterday, but I wasn't sure exactly where in the state you are. Sounds like Mexico got the worst of this though.

seventh sister said...

I would be willing to be that at least for a while, the Rio Grande actually had water in it all the way to the gulf.

Dolly blessed us with more than an inch of rain in the part of Austin where I live. However, farther north, they got nothing. We are in a drought so I was really happy about the rain we got and so was my lawn.