Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Don't Get It

Is there something you don't "get"? I don't mean quantum physics, or the meaning of life - I mean is there something the rest of the world just goes nuts over, that you just don't get.

Of course there are the obvious things like taste in music and such, but that isn't necessarily what I mean. I'm not a fan of Hip Hop, or most of what I call chuga-chuga-chuga music, but I can see how some of it has a catchy tune or hook line, and I understand that one generation will rarely enjoy the music of the next generation.

That being said, I am going to talk about a musician.

I don't get Justin Timberlake.

I don't think he's attractive. I mean, even as a straight guy, I can see that Brad Pitt is attractive. I get it. I even get why some girls dig Matthew McConaughey. Well, girls who don't care about hygiene anyway. But I just don't see that whole Justin thing. Talent? Musical taste aside, the dude can't sing. I mean, really, he can't sing.

I don't get it.

While I'm ranting about musicians. . . .

Marilyn Manson -

Musical abilities (or not) aside. This dude pulls some serious A-list talent for girl friends. WTF?? I understand that some girls are groupies. Fine. I don't get that either, but that's another post. Look at this list:

Dita Von Teese

Rose McGowen

Evan Rachel Wood (That hurts my feelings, seriously!)

But these girls could probably have any rock star they wanted if that's what they are into. Seriously - Ewww. I don't get that.


GourmetGoddess said...

Well, I for one don't get either Brad Pitt or George Clooney. And I don't get Justin Timberlake, either. His image is entirely manufactured, although he has - at least recently - shown an admirable willingness to make fun of himself and his manufactured image.

Manson is at the very least interesting or at least his image is interesting.

It is so hard to tell with celebrities. You only get their images, which are usually manufactured to appeal to the greatest majority of the target audience. Which, I suppose, says something about what advertisers/moguls think about the target audience. But as for the people themselves?

I adore Viggo Mortensen's image. He is sometimes attractive and always interesting and smart. But would I want to be his friend/girlfriend? I don't know. he could be totally cool, but then again he could be a self-absorbed asshole. You just can't know.

Brave Sir Robin said...


Yes, of course we will never really know any of these people. As far as a non-celebrity dating a celebrity - I'm sure the celebs are, for the most part narcissistic and spoiled.

I just can't see someone as young (barely 20)and pretty as ERW falling for this creepy, nasty guy who is so much older to boot.

What's not to like about Clooney? If I could trade lives with one person, he might be my choice.

Bitty said...

I think Timberlake's looks have improved with age (I have the same opinion of Tiger Woods). When he was younger and my students were all agog over him, I really couldn't get it. I still don't find him yummy, but at least he doesn't look like an awkward little boy any more.

And I'm with gourmetgoddess regarding Timberlake's self-deprecating sense of humor. For instance, "Dick In a Box" is possibly the funniest video ever.

I've read a few articles written by Manson, and he's one smart dude -- but that wouldn't be enough to make me want to touch him.

I never got The Sopranos. I only watched it two or three times, but I was so depressed afterward that I never watched again.

I don't get the cell phone and text message thing. I hate talking on the phone for the most part (maybe because most people don't know when to quit talking), and I find trying to type on itty bitty keys annoying.

I also don't like IM-ing, which is ultra-intrusive, and I think my workplace is considering implementing it. Dear God.

I don't get most reality shows, those which seem to be Jerry Springer's bastard children.

And above all, I especially don't get MySpace -- even though I recently joined. I did so because most of my family has and I want to stay in touch, especially regarding the photos they post. But it's The Most Counterintutive Website Ever. And because it's possible to "easily" customize the sites (although don't ask me how), they reveal what horrible, gaudy, loud taste many people have.

Now, you kids get off my lawn.


Anne said...

And I'm with gourmetgoddess regarding Timberlake's self-deprecating sense of humor. For instance, "Dick In a Box" is possibly the funniest video ever.

Agreed. I'm giggling just thinking about it. Other than that, though, I don't really "get" him, either.

I'm so-so on Brad Pitt, but I definitely get George Clooney and Viggo Mortensen. Oh, and speaking of mainstream heartthrobs we might or might not get: Leonardo DiCaprio. For the longest time I dismissed him just a pretty face, but in the last year or so I saw What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Blood Diamond, and he's actually a damn good actor. He's not really my type as far as looks go, but I warmed up to him a lot after seeing him in those two movies.

Other things I don't get: crocs (they look like they would give me blisters in about five minutes), leggings + flowy tent-like tops (since when is maternity wear fashionable among the teen and early-20s set??? Seriously, when these things first started being "in" I thought that maybe my sister was pregnant!), remaking movies and doing a really bad job of it (Pink Panther, anyone? *sigh*), baseball (bo-ring), very small dogs as accessories.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Bitty -


I am so glad you come and comment here! Yes, "Dick in a Box" was good. Very Good.

I'm with you on IMing. Hate it.

Cell phones - I used to feel that way. When I was with Rene' I averaged about 100 text a day and used thousands of minutes a month. Now? About 100 a month, but I prefer text from the kids for short messages while I'm at work. i.e. - I'm home, Practice is over, etc...

I used to hate reality shows, but (again, Rene's influence) I started watching The Amazing Race and Hell's Kitchen. The others I still don't watch.

Ahh, but the Sopranos. I love the Sopranos. Truly, deeply, I do.

Anne -
YES!! Leonardo DiCaprio can act. Have you seen The Aviator? Love, love, love Gilbert Grape

Rene' (again) bought me a pair of Crocs and made me wear them. (long story - I was mocking this guy I saw wearing them, (unbeknown to be that her daughter was also wearing them.) Yes, they do give me blisters, but they're handy for gardening and such because the can be hosed off.

But, baseball really? Say it isn't so.

Bee said...

I think Manson is really creepy. I don't want to date a man who wears a lot more makeup than I do.

Justin -- well, I'd like to pat him on his little curly head. Sexy? non.

Anne said...

I have seen The Aviator! I'd forgotten about that. Very good.

Tricia said...

I don't get Timberlake either, and I always feel like a serious stick in the mud when a new movie comes out that everyone is saying made them laugh until their sides split. Think Wayne's World, Dumb & Dumber, etc. I never get the humor.

ouyangdan said...

While I don't find him particularly attractive, I like Timberlake b/c he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously. He isn't afraid to be goofy or make fun of himself (like "Dick in a Box" and that commercial where he gets dragged around). When I am in a particular mood (admit it, you all have these moods) I like to listen to some of his music to be mindless...but I don't personally own any. It's not the obvious way that Pitt is attractive (Meet Joe Black, hello!), but there is an attractive quality in the way that he is quriky and goofy.

There Manson thing, no idea. I heard he is ultra who knows? I don't "get" him either...b/c while he does a lot of interesting and seemingly groundbreaking things I often feel like he is trying too hard to be "that guy". Ya know, the one who wants to be against the grain that he becomes a cliche himself? Maybe it's just me.

maurinsky said...

I never got The Sopranos. I only watched it two or three times, but I was so depressed afterward that I never watched again.

Same here.

Timberlake...I didn't get it until I heard Rock Your Body, which is a catchy little dance tune. I still don't find him sexy, though.