Monday, July 21, 2008

Work Sucks

I want to quit.

But I can't.

That's all I have to say right now.


Robin said...

Just remember the raise your boss gave you a few months back...remember how grateful you were then and you can get past this.

(Just trying to be optimistic for ya.)

Brave Sir Robin said...

Thanks Robin. I appreciate that.

Bee said...

Does the phrase "soldiering on" have fresh meaning for you now?

I wish that I could send you a Moxie.

Anne said...

((((Brave Sir))))

Bitty said...


I can so relate. I used to have the best job evah. I didn't change jobs, but the job itself is changing.

I suspect that most people who want to be In Charge are the very people who have no business being In Charge.

Of course, maybe that's not your problem, but I can't imagine any work problem not having something to do with those In Charge.

And I've been thinking of you as that Bully Hurricane has been making its moves. Good luck.