Thursday, July 3, 2008

I know Someone Like That

Interesting reading to be sure.

I don't know if articles like this should reassure me or make me feel even more stupid. Caroline Presno has obviously dealt with this type before.

To whit: (emphasis mine)

When I advise women and men about how to avoid someone with sociopathic tendencies, I tell them don't expect a monster; instead expect someone oozing with charm. Yet, underneath the heat and charisma are cold thoughts and actions devoid of empathy. Impulsivity, thrill-seeking, and constant boredom are characteristic.

Relationships are used as stepping stones to get them where they want to go. They have an uncanny ability to push someone to the brink, but then suck them back into the relationship again. It's drama, and they love it.

Boy, it's like she was there.


Comrade Kevin said...

Those sorts of people will always easily prey upon the trusting and the kind.

But though these souls give the appearance of being confident and full of charm, they are actually terribly weak and riddled with insecurities.

Being honest with oneself and making oneself as whole and together as possible is the best way to prevent being sucked into their pettiness.

Bee said...

Comrade has already said everything that I meant to say!! So well-put.

Yesterday I met a journalist, and I commented to my husband (who speaks to a lot of journalists in his line of work) how charming and easy to talk to he was. Well, Sigmund more or less said "Duh" . . .

Not that all journalists want to sucker you, but it IS their job to get you to open up. In other words, charm is the honey that smooths the way. Not that all charm is bad -- but when the other qualities start to show themselves, you have to build up some immunity to it if you can.

pidomon said...

as you said (paraphrasing) on my glob
"Im not the one to comment on this!"

Hope you and yours have a great holiday weekend

somewaterytart said...

I trust no one. Except very good-looking people.

Anne said...

"Being honest with oneself and making oneself as whole and together as possible is the best way to prevent being sucked into their pettiness."

So true! My less-than-healthy relationship was with someone with more narcissistic than sociopathic tendencies, but I think the above applies regardless of the type of relationship.

On a lighter and more festive note, I hope that you, dear BSR, are NOT at work and that you ARE off somewhere with friends and/or family enjoying the holiday! :)

kkryno said...

After several mis-steps, mistakes, and total f-ups in my quest for "the one", I've stumbled into the person who finally seems to get me. He is very patient and insightful. Why he puts up with my quirks I'll never understand, but am forever grateful. The last major "other" was extremely abusive both physically and emotionally. Ten yers later and I am still not the person I was before I met him. Probably never will be as people lie that are emotional vampires. They suck the essence of you away, and leave nothing but hurt and emptiness behind. It's up to us to fill the void with good so that they don't win! You must win this battle. We are all behind you. Love, Vikki

seventh sister said...

That first paragraph sounds like
W, doesn't it? People in Austin who used to see him in restaurants and places like that always say how nice he is. I am of the opinion that anybody can be nice long enough to get what they want. Then they behave however they damn well please.

Anonymous said...

A related article... somewhat:) Maureen Dowd - gotta love her.


ouyangdan said...

hey! i know someone like that too!

kkryno said...

Hi! I left another comment for you over at my site. Since I don't know how to cross-post yet, I hope you don't mind taking a gander... Vikki

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Who do you think will win Hell's Kitchen tonight? I'm hoping Petrosa.

sexy said...