Friday, October 19, 2007

Damn Good Pie........

Brave Sir Robin is not materialistic. Really, I'm not. Sure, there are a few small indulgences I enjoy, I am a sucker for fine food and drink, but it is quality more than quantity I desire.

I do however have one glaring weakness.

DVDs , ......(and to a lesser extent - CDs)

I have an embarrassingly large collection.

There is a hole in my collection exactly the size of this:

The Twin Peaks Definitive Gold Box Collection.

Sigh, This show was the first show in my whole life that I simply had to see. I forced myself to learn the rites of the fourth hell that was programing a mid 80's model VCR so I wouldn't miss an episode of this show.

It has been incompletely available until now. The first season has been out for while, but alas, without the Pilot, which was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

The second season came out a few weeks ago, but this, ......oh this has every episode, and TWO versions of the pilot plus interviews and geeky extras and...... I better stop. I'll need to go freshen up if I don't slow down here.

Ok, it's $65.00 at Amazon. Maybe a paper route..........

Excuse me while I go find some "Damn fine coffee".


The Red Queen said...

I once held a little party where we watched the Twin Peaks pilot and played a drinking game. You had to drink every time they said Laura Palmer.

We didn't make it through the first 5 minutes. They say her name at least 100 times.

Good times...

Brave Sir Robin said...

Nice .... Very nice...

When I get this DVD, you'll have to come over for the party.

The Red Queen said...

You supply the pravda vodka and tonic- I'll be there with bells on

GourmetGoddess said...

I have never seen Twin Peaks. Any of it.

*runs for cover*

Brave Sir Robin said...


See them in order!!!

Pilot first.

You like David Lynch right?

GourmetGoddess said...

Usually. Better than I like Cronenberg. All these things I missed. I watched a lot of Nove when younger. And my mom liked Dateline and those medical shows.

Oy, my poor Netflix queue... it is up to something like 300 movies/television shows!

this one guy said...


Brave Sir Robin said...



Nice, ...nice

MaryA said...

Hi, I like Twin Peaks too but, don't worry, sure you will find it =)

I've to say it, you're great, inspiring your blog name to The Cream's tales of brave Ulysses, you, genius =D