Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Which Candidate Is Your Best Match?

This is cool.

You take a quiz on all of the major issues, and it matches you to a candidate.

I was a 91.4% match with:

Dennis Kucinich

Tell me who you matched up with.


Anne said...

Oddly enough, most closely with Gravel (96.15%). After that, Kucinich and Obama (both at 84.62%), and Edwards (73.08%).

I adore Kucinich. I know he'd never win the nomination, but I love watching him in the debates. He seems like he's having a great time.

The Red Queen said...

Another Kucinich person. Though I kinda think his wife search was creepy.

celticfeminist said...
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celticfeminist said...

I'm a Kucinich match as well, at 89.something%. Close behind was Biden (*shudder*), Gravel, and the top 3 Dems - Clinton, Obama, and Edwards.

Still, at only 89%, apparently I'm too radical for most candidates. Hee! :)