Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Work, Work, Work ....... UPDATE***

Brave Sir Robin is busy, busy, busy.

Mostly thanks to missing work Monday due to a nasty little virus that swept through the castle this past weekend.

I don't have time right now for a post, but PLEASE.

Go Vote For Litbrit!!!!

It's easy!! Just email your votes by Friday morning.

***UPDATE the nominees are listed here.

Send Email Here

Cut and paste this into your email:

1. Best National Blog -
2. Best State Blog -
3. Best Local Blog -
4. Best Media Blog -
5. Best Professional Blog -
6. Best Party Website -
7. Best Candidate Website -
8. Best Local Party Website -
9. Best Interest Group Website -
10. Best Writer - Litbrit
11. Netroots Candidate of the Year -
12. Netroots Activist of the Year -
13. Netroots Organization of the Year - Florida Progressive Coalition

Add your votes to the other category's.

Enjoy the blessings of Brave Sir Robin for the rest of your days.

Posts to come.


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