Sunday, October 21, 2007

Laurel Wreaths For Everyone

I love the smell of sweaty running shoes in the morning, ......

It smells like VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last cross-country meet of the year was held Saturday morning. It was the District meet, with the top finishers (Varsity level only) moving on to the Regional and State meets.

The boys had to be on the bus at 5:00 AM. I had enough time to go home and have coffee, shower and get in the car to make the almost 2 hour drive.

I am thrilled to tell you that the District meet was a rousing success!!!! Not only for Sir Robin's squires, but for the teams as well.

Cross-Country is somewhat of a unique sport in that (at least around here) it is the only sport where Jr. High and High School compete at the same events. All year long these kids from 7th grade to Seniors have been arriving at school at 5:45 AM, 4 days a week to run and then loading on buses at the butt-crack of dawn every Saturday morning since school started to go to a meet together. It is great for the younger kids because they feel so important going with the big kids. In turn, the high schoolers really support the younger ones and it is a true team spirit in this, the most individual of sports. It takes a great deal of dedication to get up and run 4 miles every morning before school and then have an after school practice as well. These kids all share the pain of training together and it shows at the meets.

Well, on to the results!

#2 son ran on the Freshman team and placed 7th. (The top ten in each level receive medals)
#3 son ran on the 8th grade team and placed 4th.
If they were varsity level that would advance them both to the regional meet.

In the team standings, it was almost a clean sweep for our teams. The top 6 finishers on each teams scores are combined for a team score. There are boys and girls teams for 7th, 8th, Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity. With the exception of the girls JV who took third, every other team we entered took first place.

There was much rejoicing.

Am I proud?

Yes I am!!


Anne said...

Congratulations to your squires! Being a slow-and-steady runner who aspires to be less slow, I am very impressed by those who run fast enough at longer distances to qualify for any sort of a team. :)

somewaterytart said...

I was captain of my high school's team! Not because I was a good runner--I was average at best--but I was bossy, and that's what makes good leadership. It's an awesome sport, great for independent people who still desire a team, and it's co-ed, which makes for more friendships and essential flirtation opportunities.