Thursday, October 11, 2007

This Is Not a Paid Endorsement……

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Houston Hot Sauce Festival. There was food, music, and of course, all things hot and spicy.

There were quite a few salsas and hot sauces that stood out, but the vast majority of the show was sweet treatments, pepper jellies and such. Some of these were good. In fact, I even bought a few items that I liked. That being said, I expected many, many more salsas and actual hot sauces. I guess even in our spicy foods Americans sweet tooth will not be denied.

So, with all my bitching about sweets, what product did I leave there raving about?

Joy Peppers!

Oh my FSM are these good!!!

Do you know what bread and butter pickles are? They are sweet, but interesting with spices and onion in them. Well, these are jalapenos pickled as you would a bread and butter pickle. I can see I will need another jar quite soon.

My favorite Hot Sauce of the day was B.J.’s High Tech Pepper Sauce. Unfortunately, the website doesn't seem to be working and it is a local product. Sucks for you, because this is a habenero sauce that is hot, ok very hot, but not melt the back of your throat stupid hot, that is absolutely delicious! It has a mild vinegar bite, but it’s backed up with a very exotic flavor, almost fruitiness. Wicked Good!!

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