Friday, May 9, 2008

It's Carnival Time!!

Welcome to the 64th, Carnival Of The Liberals!!!

First let me apologize for the delay in posting. I didn't get many submissions. I've decided to abandon a "theme" and just post the submissions with a few comments of my own. Thanks to all who participated and a huge thank you to Blue Gal for helping to spread the word that I needed submissions.

Why are you a liberal? What does it mean to be a liberal? As for me, I believe that all people no matter the circumstances of their birth should have the same access to the necessities of life; food, clean water, quality education, and yes, health care. I think it is the job of the Government to protect the small and the weak from the excesses of the rich and the powerful. I also think it is the job of the Government to act for the good of the nation to protect a minority from the tyranny of the majority.

So, off my soapbox and on to the submissions.

Times are tough right now. Unless you're one of the richest of the rich, the combination of rising food and fuel prices are taking a serious bite out of family finances. In her usual cut to the chase manner, Melissa over at Shakesville recounts families selling their possessions just to stay afloat, I think you'll love her conclusion.

On a somewhat happier note, Thinkbridge lays out some of the troubles facing the GOP this November, and why they are a Party in turmoil.

Speaking of happy, Causality lays out why conservatives are happier than liberals.

Do you have about 20 minutes to spare? It may take longer, if you follow all the links, but it will be time well, well spent. My good friend Batocchio, at Vagabond Scholar shows why he remains one of my favorite Bloggers. He lays out an impassioned primer on what it means to be a liberal. In his usual fashion it is long, detailed, full of out links, and just damned brilliant. Check out one of the juicy quotes. (Bonus if you know the source):

Liberals got women the right to vote. Liberals got African Americans the right to vote. Liberals created Social Security and lifted millions of elderly people out of poverty. Liberals ended segregation. Liberals passed the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act. Liberals created Medicare. Liberals passed the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act.

What did conservatives do? They opposed every single one of those things. Every one. So when you try to hurl that label at my feet – "liberal" – as if it were something to be ashamed of, something dirty, something to run away from, it won't work Senator. Because I will pick up that label and I will wear it as a badge of honor.
Yeah, good stuff there. Go read it.

Dennis at the Cock and Bull points out the idiocy of bringing America to Baghdad.

Doctor Biobrain discovers that Condi has a Hunch.

A note about this next one. A vowed I wouldn't post anything about the primary, but the point of this post really is more about elections and American attitudes about them in general. Warning, there is a potentially offensive graphic on the sidebar of this site. In any event, the post raises a very valid question, so here is Mississippi Atheists: The Politics Of Elitism.

Mad Kane offers us An Ode To Pious McCain.

Globally Rational lays out why immigration is the key to economic success.

And finally Five Cent Nickel has an interesting way of looking at the Energy usage problem we are all facing. Have you ever heard of a CMO? Neither had I, but it is pretty interesting. Check it out.

Happy reading guys!!


Bee said...

I just read Batocchio -- plus links -- so I have enough to digest for the moment. I will visit some of the other submissions later.

Batocchio makes an eloquent, persuasive case! There have been many times when I could have used his words to defend my position.

It's interesting to realize that the same unfair redistribution of wealth has been going on in the UK -- interestingly enough, under the Labour government. (Weren't they supposed to be the "liberal" ones devoted to more equal distribution of wealth, resources, and opportunities?) Gordon Brown just got slated for trying to increase the tax rate on the nation's poorest citizens . . . even though the rich in London have been making out like bandits for years under his and Blair's leadership.

The recent elections have seen Labour lose many of its seats . . . some to the Liberal Democrats, but a lot to the Conservatives. A Conservative, Boris Johnson, just won the London mayoral race -- and many are predicting that this is the first sign of the eventual Conservative takeover.

And yet we are having the same economic problems here that are plaguing the U.S. May I just point out that "gas" (petrol) is TWICE the price in the UK!

It is a strange world when "liberals" are so frustrated/betrayed by their elected leaders that the Conservatives start looking good.

pidomon said...

the qoute is from the West Wing i believe

Doctor Biobrain said...

Woohoo! I'm the best!

Batocchio said...

You're too kind. Thanks for the link, and being included in such fine company!

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