Saturday, May 17, 2008

Redneck Calamari

Good Morning all!

It's Saturday morning and my birthday party has been in full swing since yesterday evening. Unfortunately, I wasn't there. I was at work, where I am again this morning. I hope to make it out there this evening. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I'll share this funny little photo from fellow foodie Bee. She sent me this with permission to share, so I am glad to do so.

I present:

Redneck Calamari


GourmetGoddess said...

OMG that is too damn funny......

konagod said...

That is just NASTY!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Brave Sir Robin said...

I agree with both of you, and thanks Kona!

Anne said...

Great Julia's Ghost, it's the octopus version of Frankfurter Spectacular!

Bee said...

Where did you find that picture/recipe?!!!

I have a theory that if your birth-day doesn't get celebrated properly, then you get to compensate by having a birth-month. So let people know that they need to spoil you all month long!!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you got to celebrate this afternoon at least!

Petra said...

Happy birthday to you!

ouyangdan said...

lolz. that made my already queasy stomach lurch just a little. very cute tho!

i am pretty sure i forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!1!

seventh sister said...

Happy birthday....and I hope you get to your party soon.

Anne said...

Bee - I came across that particular image years ago, and only recently found the source. Someone posted a collection of truly awful Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974. She wrote some snarkalicious comments to accompany them--really worth a read, even if most of the recipes will threaten to frighten off your appetite!

Bee said...


I think that I remember that 1974 collection!! I'm almost sure that my grandmother had those cards, or some very like them. I used to spend many bored summer hours flipping through them. (Even as a child I was dubious about the many vile chemical food substitutes. This was, of course, the height of the Sweet N Low years.)

Brave Sir Robin said...

Anne - exactly how are frankfurters, spectacular or not wieght-loss foods? That site cracks me up. My Mom had tons of those recipe cards from Betty Crocker all with equally horrible food and pictures.

Bee - Who am I to refuse spoiling?
How was your weekend?

Robin - Yes I did, and I'll post on it this afternoon.

Thanks Petra!

Ouyangdan - I hope that visual didn't cause you any gastric distress!

Seventh Sister- Thanks!! Was your weather as great as ours this weekend?

Anne said...

Bee - your poor grandmother!!! I think those were some of the worst of the lot, but still--I can't imagine that the rest were much better.

BSR - having a substantial amount of German heritage, I can't deny being a fan of various frankfurter-like things (although I don't think I'd go so far as to call them "spectacular"), but they sure aren't weight-loss food.

I can't believe I forgot about this until now (clearly the trauma of the frankfurter spectacular is easily triggered), but there is a little kitchen gadget that one can buy in order to make cephalopods out of one's frankfurter: the Octodog!

Brave Sir Robin said...



OCTODOG!!! I am compelled to sit down at my computer and crank out a late night adult cartoon treatment featuring - OCTODOG!!!!


That product is proof our civilization is doomed.

GourmetGoddess said...

When I was a little girl, all the women in my family would go camping together and we would often make wiener stew - the cheapest wieners you could find, potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes in juice..... chunk stuff up and throw it in a pot and let it bubble on the campfire.

I have fond memories of that stew.

I have not such fond memories of wiener water soup. My granny used to boil the wieners and keep the water to make soup with. I am a full fan of thriftiness, but that was just terrifying.....

Brave Sir Robin said...


Yes, wiener water soup is carrying thrifty just a bit too far.


Casey said...

That is awesome.

A belated Happy Birthday, as well!

Tink said...

Weenie porn. eeeewwww.

Anonymous said...

Just curious...where are you in South Texas? Generally speaking if not specifically. I live in Houston these days but was born and raised in Karnes City, about 55 miles southeast of San Antonio.


Brave Sir Robin said...

LK -

I am in Port Lavaca, on the coast south of Victoria.

sexy said...