Thursday, May 15, 2008

This Man is My Hero

Is there any journalist in America who is more honest and brave than Keith Olbermann? Last night's special commentary is an absolute beauty. You'll want to watch it two or three times, I promise.

Like I said, this man is my Hero. Where are all of the other journalist? Why does this man have to speak alone? Every single thing he says is the truth. Wake up America.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for Keith Olbermann. I'm glad he's been allowed to build his show into what it is.

Boxer rebel said...

MSNBC has not always been great on many scores, but I like most everything I hear from Keith O. As was said above by the former DC, he has built his show into something that we can be thankful for.

Petra said...

I TiVo Keith Olberman every day and watch the show late at night. If I am too tired, I watch it the next morning before getting up.

There are few opinions on TV as clear and consistent as his.

sexy said...