Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Apple Doesn't Fall Too Far From The Tree . .

When I was in high school, my favorite thing in the whole world was going to speech tournaments. In some parts of the country they may be called forensic meets. Basically, it is a competition for speech and drama geeks. Prose and Poetry Interp, multiple acting events, debate, and of course, ample opportunity to flirt with like minded young ladies from other schools.


#2 Son (a freshman), went to his very first tournament Friday. Look what he came back with.

That, dear reader, is the BEST ACTOR award for the entire tournament!!!

As a freshman!!

At his first meet ever!!!!


Just Freaking Wow.

Way to go Dylan.


The Red Queen said...

i was a speech and debate geek too (of course i was also a cheerleader- to even out the geekiness)

I loved debate meets cause you got a whole weekend of mostly unchaperoned hang out time with other smart kids.

The Red Queen said...

And Way to Go Kiddo! First time out and a trophy, very impressive

Brave Sir Robin said...

I loved debate meets cause you got a whole weekend of mostly unchaperoned hang out time with other smart kids.

YES!!!!!! Exactly. And i got to talk to girls who considered an interest in those things an asset!

Melissa McEwan said...

Congratulations, Dylan!

And well done, Brave Sir Robin, for raising such a confident kid. :-)

Phydeaux Speaks said...

A "Well Done" for Dylan!

And, btw, I have corrected a grievous wrong and added you (Brave Sir Robin, not Dylan ;) ) to my blogroll.

Brave Sir Robin said...

And I you Phydeaux!

Brave Sir Robin said...

Thank you all guys.

He was so excited. (and I was very proud)

Lisa said...

I'll have to change his nickname from Dilly Bar to "Dilly Bar the Superstar!" Will call and tell him so myself ;)

Robin said...

Congratulations Dylan! I avoided anything speech or debate related as a kid because I was "painfully shy," as one teacher put it. I got over that years later when I took a job requiring me to teach museum lessons in front of 5 to 400people.

(I've caught up reading from the beginning and added you to my daily reads. I admit I've avoided political blogs in the past, but my views sinc with yours.)

Brave Sir Robin said...

Welcome aboard Robin!!!

Very glad to have you.

Anne said...

Well done, Dylan!! I, too, was painfully shy. Wait, strike that, AM painfully shy. I've grown more or less accustomed to giving professional talks, but I still get very nervous. Which makes Dylan's achievement all the more impressive to me. :)