Friday, December 7, 2007

Let's All Chip In!!

I've found the perfect War on Christmas present for Shrub. It's slightly used, but seeing as he's never heard of it, he shouldn't know the difference.

It's expected to sell for between 20 to 30 million, but that's a pittance compared to it's value.

Anyone care to pitch in?

An original (1297) Magna Carta to be auctioned off.

(Editing Mine)

The document, which Sotheby's vice chairman David Redden calls "the most important document in the world," is expected to fetch a record $20-30 million.

While earlier versions of the royal edict were written and then ignored, Redden said, "the 1297 Magna Carta became the operative version, the one that was entered into English common law and became the law of the land," ultimately effecting democracies around the world.

Today, its impact is felt by perhaps a third of the world's people, he said. This includes all some of North America, India, Pakistan, much of Africa, Australia and other areas that made up the British Commonwealth.

"When it's something as enormously important as this, you try to get a handle on it," he said. "It is absolutely correct to say the Magna Carta is the birth certificate of freedom. It states the bedrock principle that no person is above the law — that is the essence of it."

Like I said, a perfect gift.


Anne said...

I can see it now:

"Hey, look, Laura! They got me some of that fancy toilet paper Dick's got at his house!"

Brave Sir Robin said...


Damn, that's good, I wish I'd have thought of that!!

Robin said...

I was going to say it would go over his head, but Anne said it much much better.

Phydeaux Speaks said...

Shrub thinks the Magna Carta is something with which to haul magnets.