Thursday, December 20, 2007

Best Of The Christmas Ad's?

Regulars to this site know that Hillary isn't my first, or even second choice. I will vote for her if she's the nominee, but I prefer Edwards.

That being said, I love her Holiday Ad. I think it's the best of the lot, as far as they go. It has a great message and it humanizes her in a way that I haven't yet seen.

It kills me how the wingnuts are falling over themselves to rip it. Of course they're all over the fact that SHE DOESN"T USE THE WORD CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Oh for fucks sake!!

She's wrapping Christmas presents, and The Carol of the Bells is playing in the background. I guess the wingnuts don't know the words to that song.

"Ring Christmas Bell, Ring Christmas Bells" anyone?

Typical of the nutters to focus on the delivery and not the message.

Could it be that they are scared to death of the message?

I'm just sayin' . . . . . .


Anne said...

Nice! I'm not Hillary's biggest fan, either, but I do like that ad. I also really like "Carol of the Bells."

As for the wingnuts... maybe they think it's a Solstice tree unless it's got a flashing neon sign saying "CHRISTMAS TREE" on it? I know they don't do subtle, but really...

Brave Sir Robin said...

I know they don't do subtle

yeah, ya think?


ouyangdan said...

ya know, i like her a little more all the the ad! were i a puppet to advertising, this would do me in...