Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

From my castle to yours a very happy Thanksgiving.

I wish you joy and peace today.

Now I gotta run, I have a pie in the oven.


Camera Obscura said...

Thankgiving was at a SIL's. Hubs smoked two turkeys and a ham on our grill, and I made Cranberry-Walnut Salsa which needs to be done a day before. There I was Thanksgiving Day not cooking. Drove me nuts. Made a pan of marshmallow-cream fudge in an attempt to preserve my sanity.

Next year, I'm baking a pie or something, whether or not it's needed. Or maybe I'll do the dressing -- SIL did it in two double-deep 9"x13" foil pans and you could damnear drink it. I've got Granny's and Great-Grandma's cast-iron skillet. My dressing crunches dammit. Even if I have to do it in two rounds to get enough dressing for us all, it'll be worth it.

Brave Sir Robin said...

I really dislike eating other people's Holiday food.

i only had myself and the four kids, but the dressing was perfect!

Go home and make some. It's the only thing that will make it right.


GourmetGoddess said...

Stuffing/dressing is a very personal thing.

One Thanksgiving, a friend and I made about 6 different types of stuffing - just little pans - to see what we liked best. And, basically, we both liked best what we grew up with :) But it was very fun

Brave Sir Robin said...

I'm a cornbread (not sweet) guy.

Lots of sage.