Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Purrrrrrrrrrfect Way To Relax

Via Robin, an instant way to relax and melt the stress away.

Have your speakers turned on.



Jennifer said...

Hey! I was saving that to pull out when the time was right!

And how the heck do you know Robin??

I'm all perplexed now.

Brave Sir Robin said...

And how the heck do you know Robin??

I don't know her!

I just saw that on her site and I loved it. First time I had ever been to her site.

It looks exactly like my cat.

Robin said...

I found this site through yours, Jen. It's a small inter-connected world, this web.

Sorry to steal your thunder, though, but I couldn't contain the purr.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Hey Robin!

Welcome to the fray.

Jennifer said...

No, no, no.

I got it from you, Robin (not you, Brave Sir). But I didn't think my other kitteh-lovin' friends would have seen it, so I filed it away to pull out sometime when Phydeaux or Kona or one of the other feline-fanciers was feeling low.

So you, Robin, were in fact to thank. While you, Robin (Brave Sir), totally stole my thunder, LOL!

Brave Sir Robin said...

So, so sorry.


I don't think Phydeaux comes here, and Kona rarely does.