Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Don't Give Them What They Want

Let me make one thing clear; I will vote for the Democratic nominee. As I’ve said before, the stakes are too high to try and make a bold statement of principal and support a third party candidate.

The Republicans are as splintered as they have been since I have been old enough to vote, the religious right is discouraged. A Romney or Giuliani nomination would more than likely cause some right wingers to just stay home on election day…….


What is the one thing, the one and only hope the Republicans have of stirring up and motivating the whack-job, wing-nut, haters base to get out and rally around the nominee?

It’s not terrorism.

It’s not even Iran.

Abortion won’t do it. Been there – done that.

It’s Hillary.

That’s right, the Republicans one and only chance to steal win this election is if Hillary is the Nominee.

Every nutcase, fundie out there will flock to the polls to keep her out of the oval office. It’s the Republicans wet dream. Make no mistake, Dobson and his ilk may posture and preen and make noise, but if Hillary gets the nomination, they will hold their nose and vote for Giuliani, or Romney.

Hell, if Hillary gets the nomination, Giuliani could accept the Republican nomination in full drag, with Tony Soprano as his running mate, divorce papers hanging out of his back pocket and tongue his newest mistress right there on the stage and they would still flock to the polls.

PLEASE – don’t nominate Hillary.


Anonymous said...

I have maintained this for ages. The GOP base can only rally around one major issue: their collective hate for Hillary. THEY NEED her to win. it was like that insanely odd win of John Kerry in '04. Dean was the front runner and all of a sudden--out of nowhere---here comes Kerry. It's almost like they needed him to win.....things that make you go hmmmm, right?

Boxer rebel said...

I totally agree with you on this one and have been saying the same thing for while.