Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can I Haz Frankenfurter?

Love Rocky Horror?

Love LOL Cats? (and really, who doesn't?)

Well then you will really love this site.


litbrit said...

Hi Ken,

I loved that movie back in the day--what was it, 1978? (Yeesh)--and saw it several times in Gainesville, at the theatre, with all the theatre people dressed up and dancing in the aisles. The movie was, of course, secondary to the lines we would shout and the silly dance movements people were doing (I totally remember how to do the Time Warp, btw).

I am going to do Friday Frank today, because I'm damned if I'm giving up that.

But the boys are out of control, my house is out of control, and I realized that I can't possibly write anything worthwhile when I'm constantly feeling guilty, dealing with fights, or getting nagged at by fourteen-foot piles of laundry (no, my laundry doesn't actually speak to me yet--I'll be sure to get back on the meds if it does).

I think the term burned-out is a good one. Burned out, deeply sad, and feeling sorry for myself. As stressful as things get here (and that can get pretty stressful), I have no business feeling sorry for myself when there are other mothers in this world who have awful, horrifying things going on right in their faces: bombs flying overhead, buildings collapsing, cupboards and refrigerators devoid of food and hungry children crying...I can't imagine.

So I keep telling myself, this too shall pass (and it will); they will grow and improve, as long as I'm here to tend to them and give them extra attention when they require it; and lastly, that I will write again, properly, and I will write well and I will write what I want. It isn't possible right now, but I have faith that it will be, one day soon. I'm hoping by late June/early July.

I miss everyone already, and I haven't even been "gone" a week!

You are right: raising children is the most difficult, heartwrenching, exhausting endeavor in the universe. Those who don't have kids may well have a vague understanding of it, even an appreciation for it, but they can't possibly know. Not the way I can say to you, for example, that I felt completely ill when the doctor said they wanted to do a CAT scan on my second son last year because they thought they saw a "mass", and you will immediately know the depth of the terror I felt. Whereas a childless person can imagine, but not know. (He's fine, btw. Long story, happy ending, huge hospital bills).

Anyway, here I am, rambling away in your comment on Rocky Horror LOL!

What you said at my place is very true, Ken. We haven't all met (well, I've met Shakes and Iaian and Tart, as well as Spudsy), but you and they are all important to me, and I care very much that everyone is okay, happy, and most importantly, never feeling alone. Feeling alone is just that--a feeling. The reality is, we aren't alone, we do need each other, and we are here for each other. Thank you for reminding me of that. It's valuable. No, make that priceless.

Brave Sir Robin said...


Can't wait 'till you're back.

Take good care.

Camera Obscura said...

ZOMG! "That was a hoot!"

I hate having litbrit gone...

Brave Sir Robin said...

Me too.


Where have you been? Haven't seen you around.