Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Older? Yes ... Wiser? We'll See .....

Today, I'm 45.

Halfway between 40 and 50. I'm not exactly thrilled about it, but as there is little in my life that I am thrilled about it hardly matters.

Well, they say 50 is the new 40. Whoever they are.

I share this birthday with:

1973 Tori Spelling (actress) Ewww!
1971 David Boreanaz (actor) Angel!! YEA!!
1969 Tracey Gold (actress) Tragic!
1966 Janet Jackson (singer) Yuk!
1956 Olga Korbut (Olympic Gold medalist Gymnastics) Cool
1955 Debra Winger (actress) Way Cool!
1952 Pierce Brosnan (actor) wev
1948 Jim Langer (football) ????
1940 Yvonne Craig (actress and dancer) Batgirl!!
1930 Better Carter (Lillie Mae Jones) (jazz singer) Way Cool
1928 Billy (Alfred) Martin (baseball) Baseball was better when he was around.
1925 Robert Pierpoint (newsman) ????
1922 Eddie Bert (jazz musician) ?????
1919 Liberace (Wladziu Liberace) (concert pianist and showman) Fabulous!!
1913 Woody Herman (bandleader) Cool
1911 Studs (Louis) Terkel (writer) Classy guy!
1905 Henry Fonda (actor) Nice.

And Diane Dallas, an old girlfriend. Happy birthday Diane.


celticfeminist said...



Whee!! May this year bring you much laughter, joy, and the warmth of love all around you. :)

Brave Sir Robin said...


Anne said...

Happy birthday!!! Ditto what celticfeminist said. Was last night's dinner-and-a-movie in part a birthday get-together?

Brave Sir Robin said...

Was last night's dinner-and-a-movie in part a birthday get-together?

No, just excited about the DVD release.

And Thanks!

Gourmet Goddess said...

Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

Melissa McEwan said...

Happy Birthday!

And best wishes for a great year...

Brave Sir Robin said...

Thank you to all!!

Today has been a really shitty day; you guys brighten it up substantially!

Camera Obscura said...

I hit 45 a couple-three weeks ago. I rather like it.

I was just thinking yesterday (for absolutely no good reason): if God or whomever showed up and said, "You're going to die tomorrow from X. But if you're willing to re-live your life from such-and-so a point, I'll step in at the right moment and fix X so this doesn't happen," then I'd be all like, "Whoops, time to go then, I guess. I am so not doing that again."

Because seriously, I look back at my life and say, "You couldn't pay me to be 20 again. Or 30. Or 35." I don't even think I'd want to do the last five years over again.

I share a birthday with:
Mary Wollstonecraft
Samuel Morse
U.S. Grant (he's got a place just south of here...)
Chris Carpenter
Roger Hornsby
Enos Slaughter (whoops, a trend)
Coretta King
Casey Kasem
Cuba Gooding
Ace Freely (OMG)
Russell T. Davies (w00t)
and a host of others found Wiki-able.

Brave Sir Robin said...

As far as going back to a "fix" point, .... well that would go back a long, long time.

This would actually be a great age if certain things hadn't happened along the way. Let's just say I was on track to be exactly where I wanted and how I wanted at age 45 and something beyond my control jacked it up.

That being said, I always thought 26 was the perfect age to be. You are old enough so that everyone considers you an Adult - no questions - but, you are still young enough that if you totally screw something up you will get the benefit of the doubt and they will say, "eh, he's young".