Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Nominees Are In

The Nominees for the 2007 Tony's are in and Spring Awakening leads the pack with 11 total nominations.

Tom's Stoppard's The Coast of Utopia comes in at ten.

Anybody out there seen any of the nominated shows?


Anne said...

Sadly, I see very few plays these days. I just recently saw Speed the Plow, but before that it had been a shamefully long time since I'd seen one. I haven't even been to the symphony (which I tend to do more often) in at least a year.

Brave Sir Robin said...

There is a lot of really good Theatre in Houston.

I haven't been to the Symphony in several years, but I do love it.

If it counts, I went to a Jr. High band concert last night.


Anne said...

Yes, it is sad that I've been in Houston for three years now and never actually been to the Alley Theatre--or really anything in that area, other than the symphony (which was a little disappointing--but frankly I'm spoiled, having grown up going to the SFS and spent my college years going to the CSO). I don't mind going to the symphony alone, but for theatre I much prefer going with someone. I haven't had particularly theatre-inclined acquaintances while I've lived here, but hopefully when I move back to CA that will change.

What does your jr. high-age child (son, yes?) play?

Brave Sir Robin said...

Trumpet, as did I.

I'm with on Theatre alone, I've done it, but half the fun is dissecting the play afterwards.