Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Real Scandal

Josh over at Talking Points Memo has been keeping excellent track of the Attorney-Gate scandal.

He has a post today about former Deputy Attorney General James Comey’s testimony regarding Milwaukee US Attorney Steven Biskupic.

Biskupic, you may recall was on the list, and then got taken off the list, just about the time he brought a case against the Democratic governor's administration.

As Josh puts it:

But then he got pulled off the list. That's made people take a second look at his prosecution of a bureaucrat in Wisconsin's Democratic governor's administration. That conviction got overturned by an appeals court last month. And not just overturned, but judged "beyond thin" and "preposterous" and sent back for a directed acquital.

Now, whether or not Biskupic was trying to save his job or not, I can’t say, and he seems to have some pretty trustworthy people vouching for him. My point is; this is the side of the scandal that is to me, much more troubling. We know about the 7 that were fired, what about the 86 that kept their jobs? We now what what Rove’s criterion was to keep your job. Do we have 86 political hacks willing to do Rove’s dark bidding in charge of meeting out justice across the land?

I’d say the odds are pretty good that at least a good majority of them fit that bill.

That my friends is the real scandal.

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