Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Last Day Of School!!

Today is the last day of school. (Yes!)

Son #2 graduates from the 8th grade today. Hard to believe he will be a Freshman next year.

A couple of shots from this morning.

#2 Son - Ready To Graduate!

#3 Son and #2 Son - The Last Day Of School - 2007.

If you detect a slight magenta tint to #3 Son's hair, you are correct. He celebrates the last day of school each year by adding a tint to his already shockingly red hair.

Brave Sir Robin is ready for the summer break.


Camera Obscura said...

Today (Thursday) is our last day. #1-Son is a sophomore, #2-Son a freshman, and Daughter in 7th so no graduation-type stuff. The boys did go mornings-only this week because it was finals week.

Each grade at the middle school has their own awards night, which is generally only attended by those receiving the awards, but no eighth-grade "graduation" ceremony. They do spend a lot of the last couple of weeks in various 8th-only activities: a morning signing yearbooks w/ breakfast followed by bowling, a whole day at a rec-plex, an evening dance, etc.

Brave Sir Robin said...

It has been a long two weeks of Band Concerts, Awards Ceremonies, Athletic Banquets, Graduation etc….

I am so very, very tired of doing all these things alone. The boys never say anything, but I often wonder if they feel left out when all around are sets of parents, (not always still married, but both there), grandparents and assorted other family and well wishers. Few things drive my loneliness home more than events like these.

We have each other though, and my hope is that they will someday be able to look back and know how important that was.

Anne said...

Exciting stuff! Congrats to #2 Son!

I'm guessing that your sons are glad to have you there, even if their mom can't be there. I'm one of four kids, and more often than not only one of my parents could make it to school/athletic events, as the other was off attending an event for one of my siblings. Sometimes it was frustrating, but we all seemed to to be okay with it.

Any big plans now that school's out?

Brave Sir Robin said...

Any big plans now that school's out?

Not yet, maybe later in the summer. Right now I can't really take off any time at work. Maybe a day trip to the Condo or Fiesta Texas or something.

When the kids go visit their mom, I don't know yet.

I have a cruise to take some time before November. (I went on a Thanksgiving cruise wit Rene' last year, and I won a free Cruise for two while on the ship - but it expires in November.)