Saturday, May 12, 2007

Will She Sing?

The New York Times is reporting today about the pending testimony of Monica Goodling. Goodling was granted partial immunity this week. I for one will be looking forward to hearing what she has to say.

What I don’t know, is how far her immunity goes, and what it covers. I will be digging around and looking when I have time. (Unfortunately, I have a project due Monday, so I have to go into work today.)

The thing I bring away from this article is that it sounds like the Party and the Justice Dept. are going to set her up as the fall guy. I think she will be portrayed as a loose canon that was acting out of her own heartfelt conviction and not on any orders from above.

Time will tell if I’m right, but I’ll bet I am.


Mustang Bobby said...

But we all know that the idea of a loose cannon in the Republicans is not possible. To paraphrase the Admiral in The Hunt for Red October (played by Fred Thompson...) "The Republicans don't take a dump without a plan, son." That's why the question is who told Ms. Goodling to do what she did, and who let her do it?

Brave Sir Robin said...

We know that, but I also know what to expect.