Saturday, May 5, 2007

Update On The Castle Grounds

As I mentioned before (see Comments), I had a loquat tree that was severely needing to get out of its pot and into the ground.

Well, I finally got it planted this morning.

So here is the newest member of the Brave Sir Robin Orchard.

Loquats are small evergreen trees that have dark glossy thick leaves. They are highly ornamental, and do very well here where I live. I have several friends that grow them and the fruit is quite yummy.


Anne said...

I LOVE loquats!!! I remember eating them as a kid, and then they disappeared from my consciousness until I came across them at a farmer's market in Paris four years ago. My neighbors in Houston have a tree that hangs over the property line, but the birds always get the fruit before it's ripe enough to eat. They are hard to find in CA, but I see trees here and there and I've actually found the fruit at the SF farmer's market.

I hope your tree bears soon!

Brave Sir Robin said...

I love them!

We eat them plain, but they make great margaritas also!

Anne said...

Oooh, never had a loquat margarita... I shall have to try them next time I have some loquats (and good tequila) on hand.

celticfeminist said...

Your yard is gorgeous!

Any chance of you coming out to Cincinnati and doing some landscaping?

Heh. Between the dogs and the general lack of knowledge of plants and yard care at my house, our grounds are pretty pathetic. :)

I've never heard of that tree or the fruit before. Now I've got something to research!

Brave Sir Robin said...

Celtic -

They are definitly a tropical. They are pretty poular down here, mostly because they are pretty.

Some people don't even know you can eat the fruit.

They also propigate very easily, and so grow wild a lot, as birds do their bit.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Your yard is gorgeous!

Any chance of you coming out to Cincinnati and doing some landscaping?

Thanks! It has a long way to go.

That bed in the corner has been neglected for about 4 years. This summer, I plan to fix it up. I'll post pictures when I do.

The pile under the live oak tree is trimming that I am saving for BBQ wood, so I haven't bothered to clear it.

By July I hope to have the yard in tip-top shape.