Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Suffer The Children

The Rio Grande.

A River.

As rivers go, it is not a very large one, maybe 40 to 50 feet across. Yet for the difference in lifestyle from one side to the other, it may as well be thousands of miles wide. With all the contentiousness surrounding the emigration bill in the news, I thought it might be time to let the world know how Brave Sir Robin feels about it. If you come here often, I think you’ll know.

First off, nobody chooses to be poor. People aren’t poor because they are lazy or shiftless or choose to be that way. They are poor, most likely because they were born poor. Period. I know I’m digressing already, that is another post entirely, but I felt it needed saying.

Let’s look at the differences from one side of the river to the other –

North of the river –

Just a few miles south of the previous photo –

As in any society the women and children are hit the hardest by poverty. #2 and #3 son had never been to Mexico before. #3 son was particularly struck by the beggars and the children selling trinkets on the street. As we prepared to cross over for our second day in Mexico, he made sure he had small bills and change to give them. And yes, he used his own money.

#3 son giving money to a woman, as her son sings a song.

This beautiful and shy little girl had to be coaxed to pose for this picture. Like many, many others her age, she helps support her family by selling gum and trinkets to American tourists.

This precious little boy was asleep under his mother’s street vending cart, oblivious to the raucous crowds teeming on the street.

These people aren’t lazy, they aren’t looking to milk the welfare system, or even “take our jobs”, they are looking for the true embodiment of the American dream; the opportunity to work hard and make a better life for their family. It shouldn’t matter what side of the river you were born on. The uproar over immigrants and this bill isn’t about economics or welfare or protecting our borders from terrorist. Make no mistake; this is about the color of their skin. Because they are brown people, they are unwelcome. Look at those children above and tell me what makes them any less beautiful or precious than my children?

Is it any wonder that the world is turning more and more anti-American?

Don’t forget – unless your ancestors are pre-Columbian, we are all immigrants here.


The Red Queen said...

Dammit, the picture of the little kid sleeping made me all teary eyed.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Yes, it is the best picture we took all weekend. (I can't take the credit, I pointed him out to my friend and she grabbed my camera and snapped the shot) He was so sweet, and the street was loud, busy and full of traffic.

The Red Queen said...

Since i am an absolute blog whore-
here's my pics about immigration

Batocchio said...

Wait! How dare you! These aren't people! How can I hate them with a clear conscience if I see that they're... awww, cute kid.


Brave Sir Robin said...

Red Queen - your link is broken. I read your site (The White Papers) is it on that one?

BTW - Whoring is always welcome here!

The Red Queen said...

damn broken links

it's this post

hurray for whoring!

Brave Sir Robin said...

Ok - Yes, I had read that post. (Sorry, I'm frazzled right now)

Bitty said...

First off, nobody chooses to be poor. People aren’t poor because they are lazy or shiftless or choose to be that way. They are poor, most likely because they were born poor. Period.

See, that's where we lefties always get into trouble with the Other Side. They refuse to accept this premise and label poor people (brown skin or no) as inferior and inferior on purpose. Then the argument goes nowhere.

Very eloquent post.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Thanks bitty!

(Even a blind hog finds the occasional acorn.)


Anonymous said...

I disagree, it is not about color. Politics is money and vice versa. Maybe you think it is about color. I am Dutch Immigrant (white one) married to typical USA angelo for twenty years. Now remarried to beautiful Mexican lady with her two Children with the Nice shade of brown. She is more Spanish and whiter, no diff to me. The features and disposition are what matter and the love. They call me dad and it is good. (can't stand the first name bit or step this or that) We don't always get along/ we are human etc. Personally I wish there were NO Borders or fences. It may not work but neither will the Fence. Berlin will agree on that. Sir Robin keep the faith there are a lot of fine women out there. Sample and chose the best and hope for the best. Thanks Eduard