Tuesday, March 4, 2008

An Email From My Sister

When I returned to work this morning, (so far so good today), this was in my inbox.

Hola Everyone: A reminder to please vote tomorrow - especially if your vote is for Hillary. If you voted early, (in Texas, because it's a Caucus State) YOU CAN vote again (at your normal voting place) and then stay for the caucus. By staying for the caucus, you will help her to get the delegates she needs from Texas to be our nominee. I went to see her on Saturday in Fort Worth and it was exhilarating to see how many people of different color were there. She spoke beautifully, enumerating all the issues important to us all and for me, it was wonderful to see all the men (yes, not only "women over 45") and young students AND Blacks, that were there. To hear the media, you wouldn't believe the great turnout of the people I just mentioned. So, please, vote tom'w and please, please, vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I'm trying very, very hard to enlist as many people as possible. Motivation is important, but remember that ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS! Thank you all. xoxoxox, dj

My sister has always been a good Democrat, but I'm almost positive this is her first campaign. She has been walking door to door in her (heavily Republican) neighborhood. I'm glad to see her being part of the process. She has even converted a few of her neighbors.

Maybe we should try to do a little more of that, I know that I, passionate as I am about liberal politics, have pretty much given up trying to convert the imbeciles around me, but if we could all reach just one or two people, who knows?

And yes, I will be voting today and caucusing tonight.


Anne said...

Sweet! I'm so excited about all the people getting involved in this campaign, regardless of whom they support.

I've been hearing more and more stories about Democratic Texans "coming out of the closet," as it were: putting up yard signs, canvassing, etc. It's excellent. There are indications that Harris County could turn blue this year, just as the county that Dallas is in turned blue in '06.

Brave Sir Robin said...

There are indications that Harris County could turn blue this year, just as the county that Dallas is in turned blue in '06.

If we could just get people to vote in their own economic interest!!!

That and increase the Hispanic vote.

I'd love to see Harris county go blue.

Comrade Kevin said...

I'd like to see Harris country go Obama. :-)