Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good News!!!!

#2 Son went to Zone competition yesterday for OAP. (One Act play).

He got back last night , (or should I say, this morning) at about 12:45 AM.

His play advanced to the next level, and he was selected as a member of the All-Star Cast!!!!

Whooo Whooo!!!!!!!!! (Pretty big deal for a Freshman)

Way to go Dylan!!!!!


Anne said...

Congratulations, Dylan!!! Very exciting. Break a leg in the next round!

ouyangdan said...

that's really very awesome!

Anonymous said...

Yay, Dylan!

Bee said...

Well-done, Dylan!

This was a bit of a blast from the past for me. I had kind of forgotten about one-act plays. When I was a freshman I was all-star cast as Cecily in "The Importance of Being Earnest."

So have all of your children inherited your dramatic flair and interests, or is this just Dylan's thing?

Bob (Phydeaux) said...


Brave Sir Robin said...

Oh you are so Cecily!!!

Pretty much all of them seen to have the knack, but Dylan has really come into his own this year.

And that, (Earnest) is just about one of my favorite things ever. I was a little disappointed in the version that came out in 2002, and I really wanted to like it. but this version, from 1952 is perfect!

pidomon said...

Congrats Dylan!

Bee said...

Yes, Cecily was a bit of type-casting. I probably got the part because I had long, blonde curls. I remember having a lovely red and white striped dress, like a stick of candy. Of course Lady Bracknell is the really fun part, though. "A handbag!"

Yes, I'm not too sure about the Reese/Rupert chemistry, either. Haven't seen the older version. Have seen it staged many, many times.

Wilde is certainly one of the all-time masters of the bon mots.

My big girl is doing a GCSE in Drama next year. I can't wait to see what they are going to study/view. Little girl does speech and drama with an old girl from RADA. It is hilarious to listen to the little children recite poems in a beautifully enunciated, but rather mannered way.

Brave Sir Robin said...

GCSE - ????

You really should try and get the old film version, it is just outstanding!!

Dame Edith Evans just steals the show as Lady Bracknell.

Bee said...

GCSE = General Certificate of Secondary Education

They used to be "O" levels. Have you heard of those? The kids do two years of GCSE's and then the academic ones go on to do A levels, while everyone else goes to technical college or drops out of the educational system. Basically, the equivalent of the high school years in the U.S. are just one big exam process in the UK. Oldest daughter, whose friends will be going to high school next year, is not impressed.

I will try to track down classic Earnest.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Are "O" levels anything like O.W.L.'s?


So oldest is an 8th grader?

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