Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Tuesday, I Should Post Something . . .

Sorry I haven't posted since Friday, between track meets, taking the kids to see their Mother for spring break, and missing deadlines at work, I haven't been feeling "bloggy".

Truth is, I'm pretty down these days. It comes in waves - I can't say what triggers it.

So some random observations:

Spitzer's an idiot, and yes, he should resign. Truly, the main thing he had going for him was his unimpeachable ethics. Now, not so much. I will NEVER understand the prostitute thing. (I may expound on this in a post later) Also, I wish his wife would have used the press conference to announce Divorce proceedings. (btw - this type of betrayal has nothing to do with attractiveness, sex, etc.... but DAMN, she's hot!!, and a Harvard grad! Eliot is an idiot!)

I saw this film Sunday on cable. I didn't expect to like it, but I did. It reminded me how talented Natalie Portman is, and how I wish she could find some decent roles.

Oil at 109 a barrel. It was below 20 when Shrub took over. Guess those secret energy policy meetings really worked out huh? Btw - that task force was set up his second week in office. "Heck of a job Bushie"

A little obvious maybe, but practical nonetheless, 20 tips for reducing stress.

And finally, not because it is the soundtrack to this post, it isn't, it is far too optimistic, but because I wish it was:


Bee said...

So many comments . . .

First, check out The Accidental Housewife http://accidentalhousewife1.blogspot.com/
for humorous commentary (and visuals) on the Spitzer affair. Very good laughs. I know it's bad manners to cackle about other people's moral lapses, but it does put me in mind of one my favorite Austen quotes:
For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?"

Natalie Portman: that was such a charming role for her . . . really captured that moment of the young adolescent testing out her flirtatious wiles. I'm looking forward to "The Other Bolyen Girl" but I've got your "Atonement" problem. That book has been on my "to read" shelf for 5ish years!

love and loneliness . . . I know that I don't really "know" you, but I've read most of your site now and I can honestly say that you seem the model of a "perfect gentle-knight."
You will find someone.

In the meantime, here's to new blogging friends!

(The picture of your ex is hee-larious.)

Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...

Bee -

Thank You.
I really needed that today.
To new blogging friends indeed!

Spitzer - I had such high hopes for him. This pretty much destroys any hope for continuing his legacy of cleaning up wall street.

really captured that moment of the young adolescent testing out her flirtatious wiles. Yes. She just nailed it!

As for the picture, I promised myself when I started this site that I wouldn't use it to bash my ex. That picture is the one small allowance I give myself.

Thanks again.

seventh sister said...

I can tell by the pic of your ex that you harbor no bitterness at all.

Anne said...

Bee - I hate to disappoint you, but I found The Other Boleyn Girl, well, disappointing. The acting was terrible. Even Natalie Portman, whom I usually really like, was mostly off. She had a few scenes where she did well, but the rest of the movie was so... self conscious? I might actually recommend seeing the movie and *then* reading the book, so that you're not horribly disappointed going from the book to the movie.

Also: that is also one of my favorite Austen lines, and SO appropriate here! :)

BSR, hope you're taking some time for yourself while your kids are gone this week! Go see a movie, make some delicious food that your kids won't eat, something like that.

pidomon said...

Hang in there BSR
I mean you an official Mishphit now!

Hope your week goes well.

Bee said...

Dear BSRH,

You are so welcome. I've skimmed a lot of sites, but when I read your "book" posts I knew we were kindred spirits.

BTW -- (I had to ask my 13yo what that meant) -- I read these words in an editorial a couple of weeks ago and I thought they were so fine that I'd like to share them with you.

"Our main job here on earth is to comfort one another; assuage fear; communicate positive energy, however we can."

I'm trying to adopt that as my new code to live by; however, that doesn't mean one can't occasionally Poke Fun at political figures, hypocrites, or ex-wives.

Anne -- Yes, I read a review that slammed TOBG . . . so I'm already braced to be disappointed. The reviewer thought that Scarlett and Natalie should have switched roles. I will take your advice and see the movie first. It is generally a good strategy, I think. Then if you like the story you can get more detail from the book. (There is, however, the problem that you can't visualize the characters for yourself. But nevermind.)

Batocchio said...

For what it's worth, your blog re-titling made me laugh.

Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...

batocchio -


I don't know how long to leave it that way.

A little longer for sure.