Monday, March 24, 2008

Shitty, Shitty Day

Shitty Day.

I have been humping my ass off for weeks to get this project done.

I have given up track meets, plays, weekends, and holidays.

Much of that work is now pretty much junk because the contractor built the tank wrong.

Apparently the mathematic principles of the circle are no longer understood by the people who build round things for a living.


Bee said...

I am so, so sorry. What happens next?

celticfeminist said...

*hands you a drink and a cookie*

That? Full on sucks. I'm sorry. :(

*smites project*

Brave Sir Robin said...

I redo everything that attaches to that tank.

It means revising about 8 drawings. It means more material needs to be ordered, it means extra supports. It means the other project I was supposed to start tomorrow will be behind schedule. It means I can forget about being off this weekend.


It's a pretty big mistake. (Thankfully, not mine), but it means a lot of extra work when I should have been done. It also means I gave up Easter day for nothing.

How was your day? Better than mine I hope?

Anonymous said...

#1--I have no idea what that picture is. I think my astrologist had something that looked kinda like that, though...

#2--My dad was telling a story yesterday. He's a mechanic at a defense contractor and they are stuck with an electrical engineer who has no engineering degree. Isn't that peachy? Anyway, Dad told them that A-hat's design wouldn't work. It defied the laws of both physics and gravity. They told him to build it to specks b/c that's what the engineer said and what does a mechanic know, right? So he built it.

It didn't work.

They let Dad do it again, the way he wanted to do it in the first place. It made the project run over time and cost a bunch more money but when Dad finished, it worked.

The "engineer" was looking at it and said, "So, what's that thing on the side of it right there? What does that do?"

Dad said, "I have no fucking idea. You designed the damn thing."

(Didja laugh? Didja? Okay then.)

Brave Sir Robin said...

Yes Christina, I laughed.

If they had built the damn thing the way I designed it, it would work!

The entire axis of the tank is rotated 11.37 degrees.

Why? haven't been told.

How did they get that number?

Not quite sure, let me get back to you.


I appreciate all of you guys lightening the load. It could be worse, (For one thing it could be my mistake)In the scheme of Engineering mistakes, this is is about a 6 on a scale of 1-10. It won't fall down, it won't blow up, it just cost more to make it work.

I'm better know than I was when I wrote that post.

I had seen a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel, but somebody moved it on me.

I'll survive.

pidomon said...

Thats the pits dude. (do the kids still say that these days?)

Sounds like the guy is a living representation of teh Peter Principal (well one of many starting with the resident in chef)

Hope the rest of the week picks up for ya

Camera Obscura said...

When I was in high school, we had that schematic printed upside down on t-shirts. We wore them on test days.

Seriously, tho, there are times when other peoples' f*ckery cannot be fixed. Ferinstance, there was this one time that this big defense contractor in Fuht Wuhth lost a multi-million-dollar tooling jig. (Srsly, it was huge. I dunno how the hell they lost it. But it wasn't just the money, it was the security level of the project.) This so p!ssed-off Cap Weinberger that he canceled the whole freakin' project. The defense contractor's partner on the project laid off over 10,000 people.

Anne said...

People suck. Especially stupid people.

11.37 deg? WTF?!?

I hope there aren't any further screw-ups. Hang in there... I wish I could send a cupcake via comments!

Brave Sir Robin said...

Hey Camera -

It blows my mind how those things happen. Talk about actions having consequences.

Anne - The cupcake was great.


maurinsky said...

That graphic just reactivated every bit of math anxiety I felt in high school.

Sorry about the shitty day.